By great - 25/01/2013 20:36 - Puerto Rico - San Juan

Today, my girlfriend complimented me on my ass. Before I could say thanks, she continued by commenting that she wouldn't mind "breaking it in". FML
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sugarshane007 20

Wow!! Sleep on your back buddy!

Mordakai420 6

Run bro, run! The strap-ons! The horror!


sugarshane007 20

Wow!! Sleep on your back buddy!

NickaPLZ 26

Couldn't have said it better...

7yzz 18

Ahh come on OP you scaredy cat, it wont make you ****. just dont tell anyone...... ANYBODY. lol

Mordakai420 6

Run bro, run! The strap-ons! The horror!

At least she didn't surprise you, eh? Butt let her know if you're not into that.

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X_Codes 11

Hopefully it's just the lady expressing her sex drive, and not a surprise OP doesn't know about...

blackman100 20

Nope, it's not just you. That shit is hot.

Having your prostate played with can be actually very pleasurable, especially if you hit the G-spot. You don't have to be gay to enjoy it, so keep an open mind.

I don't care what anybody thinks or says, an anus is meant for one purpose...moving shit out not "things" in. But I guess to each their own.

17 you're missing out on a lot of fun with that mindset.

Hella - I would find it hard to believe that you apply this same logic to hands or mouths...

perdix 29

#7, it's not your mind you need to keep open ;)

AbstraktThoughts 13

33: I put things into your mouth, don't you? ;)

squideth 18

There's nothing wrong with liking or not liking ass-play as a personal preference. Don't act all superior because you do or do not enjoy it.

Nothing like getting your back door smashed in like a SWAT team drug bust.

What do you do with the fecal matter situation? Unless you clean your insides somehow, it's disgusting. But I really don't know anything about it.

The more feces the better! Lather that crap on like baby lotion!

RedPillSucks 31

Time to get your shit pushed in.

Satoaoi 13

I thought the g spot was a myth

As a straight guy, I can say that this is true.

madgrinchhatter 12

In reply to #17 Well yeah and a mouth is only "meant" for eating, talking, and breathing but I don't see too many guys who hate ********.

Epikouros 31

In reply to #56: the best way to clean it is with a vaginal douche, no kidding. Luckily, most people aren't full of shit all day. Speaking of which, people who claim that the anus is for pooping only make me wonder where they got their user manual. It's not like you're voiding the warranty by screwing open the backside.

54 - first FML comment to actually make me LOL. Congrats (:

i think that guys should know how it feels too

Pretty sure having something shoved up their ass is a choice women make (sometimes)

Guys should only expireance it if he wants to do it to her.