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Hopefully they didn't play in the 'mud' either...

FYL for letting your kids go into the play area at McDanks.


Hopefully they didn't play in the 'mud' either...

I play in the bathroom all the time..who doesn't?

6. How old do u have to be to know wuts urine?

lol I once stepped in pee at Macas in the play thing, trying to get my sister. well, I think it was pee, u can never tell in that place

Ew... That's why you don't let your kids play there. But that's more of an FML for them than it is for you, don't you think?

They're probably not old enough to register that it's urine, so I don't think so.

Shit. The comment that I was replying to got deleted so it got posted here. Sorry about that.

^ I was wondering what you were talking about. Np

Since when does Mcdonalds have a play area

They always have!

I've never seen one but it might just be where I live

Since you were dumb.

FML poll- has anyone that lives in the north-east of England seen a play area in macky d's?

In different variations yup that's my goal

Macky d's? Isn't it micki d's

Im not talking about Mcdonalds in ops area I'm talking about Mcdonalds in my area to see of um the only one. And it's macky d's that I'm used to

its ok 67.. your picture makes up for your lack of coherence.

pikachu is a mouse

For Real ? Like 3 Out Of 5 Of Them Have Play Places .....

It's okay man I'm in Copenhagen and there are none here either. I think its a European thing and everyone that gave you a thumbs down is American where they have a fucking mcdonalds on every corner of every street.

I thought it was a north eastern England thing so that's why I was asking but now you say that it does make more sense

Since like forever! Maybe it's the location,

Every mcadees I go to has 1

Shut the fuck up everyone especially you douche bag some McDonald restaurants DON'T have play places so fuck off and leave #67 alone!!!

FYL for letting your kids go into the play area at McDanks.

right??!! its not a daycare, you still have yo watch them! YDI OP for not paying more attention to them in there. I worked at McDonald's in high school the nansty and dangerous stuff we pulled out of there will forever keep my kids out of any "play place"

You mean that's not part of the playground?

Ugh, I can't believe I used to play there. That's just sickening.

Oh that is one of the most disgusting things I have read on this site, but honestly how old are your kids? It doesn't take much intelligence to know what liquid you are frolicking in.

Yeah think they should of repelled to the bad smell of urine rather then play with it.

they probably didn't know considering how gross a McDonald's normally smells

Why were u not watching them?

Same reason why parents were not watching their kids to prevent them from taking a piss in the play area.

ewwwww thts nasty