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By  Speech_fml  |  0

#9 I understand what you're saying, but in this case it's dicey since it's not out of the question for one friend to pay for another without romantic intentions (I'm assuming she's actually a friend and not a casual acquaintance). The fact that she didn't know it was a date is a bit of a sticking point as that's the kind of thing that should be nailed down when the offer is extended.

By  HerrKevin  |  0

Very simple rule: If you haven't at least seen her naked yet, don't pay for the whole bill. Ever. It's an easy test to determine if the girl you are with is a bitch. If she expects you to pay, forget it.

By  sillypun  |  0

truth is right on the money here....

Now, let this one soak in.... You are the kind of guy who can't get a girl who gives out her number to strangers/servers.

By  CanadAssassiN  |  0

Yea, what everyone else sead... If they dont say in plain text: " its a date " then its probably not-but still its brutal for her to have done that right in front of you...