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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Jim- Fucking chill, dude. Does it make you feel good to call someone a bitch? Does it compensate for your tiny penis to correct them in such a rude manner? You're a fucking dick. Grow a pair and stop acting like a tough guy online, Dr. F*****

The Dr. F***** part is because he probably looks like him and thats why he acts tough online, not actually calling him that name.

  the101dan  |  0

Only in Canada would it last just 7 minutes. lol.

To the losers on here who love to ruin a JOKE by correcting it, I realize it really could have and probably did last longer.

  A_Khalifa  |  0

Your so immature like grow up, it's not like she saw her parents having intercourse, she just heard the voicemail, she could have just deleted the vm after 10 seconds of screaming lol, ydi.

  bh0p  |  0

Haha the hairy belly is...or at least I hope so O.O....a joke to the all the douches who always take a pic of their pack for profile pics. but nice tattoo. :p and OP...think you shoulda hung up after you heard his name da 1st time