By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went shopping with my new "It's true, I'm a Ninja" shirt on. Suddenly an apple comes and hits me right in the eye. A little boy runs up to me, yells "You aren't a Ninja! A Ninja would have caught that!", and runs off. FML
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  pwincessa23  |  1

25, idk why u think rape is funny or something that u can just say to be cool. As a rape victim I'm very offended by your comment. However, I will not take it personal because I'm sure that when you wrote that u didn't think that it could possibly hurt/offend anyone since people here just say random stuff trying to be funny. it's as if they had "typing diareah". I'm sure the grammar Nazis will find errors in this but I honestly don't care so save ur comments. thank you.

  btnhdude  |  0

a true ninja constantly pisses off Ignorance, which is many ppl, (one of them being me) so nevermind that is not true cuz many ppl piss her off and all of them not being ninjas.

By  DrAwesome  |  6

Now, maybe I don't know anything about being a ninja, being from Idaho, Nebraska City, Pennsyljersey and all, but walking around with a shirt telling people you're a ninja, then failing to exert simple ninja-like reflexes is not only lying, but stupid.

The way I see it, that boy is more ninja than you'll ever be. Be thankful it was just an apple or you wouldn't have lived to post this FML.

  PizzaGuy11  |  0

and then had his second pet arthur, the unicorn/penguin/cat, otherwise know as the unipecat
eat the apple throw it up and have chuck norris rise from the puke, while playing classical music on his acoustic guitar with his less known second cousin fabio while laying upon the floor infront of them is the old spice guy upon the unipecat, arthur. when sudden hurculies falls down from the sky with his best friend harry potter while levatating over 500 tons of exploding dynamite with a sleeping newborn baby.

  Sadochan  |  0

Way too easy. Infact, that is a fake. Must've been sent by juniors to get kicked out. The Master would find that task offensive. Don't do it. It's not worth it.

Plus you can tell if it's by Master himself.