By Anonymous - 08/11/2010 01:13 - United States

Today, I went shopping with my new "It's true, I'm a Ninja" shirt on. Suddenly an apple comes and hits me right in the eye. A little boy runs up to me, yells "You aren't a Ninja! A Ninja would have caught that!", and runs off. FML
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You deserve it for thinking you're a ninja!

Ydi, the kid was right.


You deserve it for thinking you're a ninja!

smiley1014 23

this sounds made up.

You sound made up. Just saying.

the kids right you are an imposter! once i was raped by a ninja but i didnt notice

pwincessa23 1

25, idk why u think rape is funny or something that u can just say to be cool. As a rape victim I'm very offended by your comment. However, I will not take it personal because I'm sure that when you wrote that u didn't think that it could possibly hurt/offend anyone since people here just say random stuff trying to be funny. it's as if they had "typing diareah". I'm sure the grammar Nazis will find errors in this but I honestly don't care so save ur comments. thank you.


The little boy ftw

qsdmlkj 0

YDI for wearing a 'funny'shirt loser

You didn't see that coming did you???? :D

Selena, I believe he did see it coming, but decided to jut stand there and take the hit anyway...

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OP is a chick marinus. Guarentee if the apple was a dick she would have caught it in her mouth.

rallets 22

the little kid has a point tho a ninja wouldve chopped it into several pieces before it hit the ground

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Massive win for the kid!

looks like someone should have worn their "It's true, I'm a loser" shirt today........

haha ydi for thinking those shirts are actually cool.

67, win!

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i love you 67

lollipopXx 0

agreed :)

that's an MLIA story dumbasses


Losers don't wear funny t-shirts! Therefore, you shouldn't be so rude. That's just plain rude. I am not a loser and I wear hilarious shirts.

I... probably would've caught that. I'm not kidding, all my friends say I have ninja reflexes.

Ydi, the kid was right.

evybeth 0

yup! the kid has a point.. false advertisement right there buddy.. haha

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Ha, I want to meet that kid.

This'll definitely make me think twice before ever wearing my "I've got mad ninja skills" t-shirt in public.

Shuriken his ass!

I remember reading those comics

Byakugan would have seen that in an instant!

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Do some mental damage with Mangekyo Sharingan.

A true ninja wouldn't be shopping.

A true ninja is never caught for that 5 finger discount!

A true ninja wouldn't have been seen by the kid...

A true ninja wouldn't have "It's True, I'm a ninja" in their shirts.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

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A true ninja wouldn't be on FML

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Also, a true ninja would have given his shirt to that boy

a true ninja would lend me ten bucks so I can buy that shirt :P

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Look at you, ruining little kids' hopes and dreams of ninjas. You might as well become a terrorist dressed as the easter bunny.

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A true Ninja is one with their surroundings, they don't advertise. I learned that when I used to be a Ninja...

Arsonnist 3

A true ninja would have beat that kid down for humiliating him/her.

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a true ninja doesnt call themselves a true ninja.

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a true ninja constantly pisses off Ignorance, which is many ppl, (one of them being me) so nevermind that is not true cuz many ppl piss her off and all of them not being ninjas.

dudeitsdanny 9

^^^ That was the worst display of wit. Your fingers should be removed and given to a handless, witty person.

43 stole the words out of my mouth haha

I used to be a ninja. But then I took an arrow to the knee

YDI for falsely advertising.


^ Justin Beiber's ******* crazy.

sigh ive been called that from my family. i think its a problem o.O and i invented the little flippy thing. not him. ffs.

dudeitsdanny 9

I invented it when I was in 8th grade =O Back when you and Bieber were getting ducky haircuts from your moms =O Too bad Ellen Degeneres stole it ;P

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What does YDI mean?

193 YDI for not knowing.

Now, maybe I don't know anything about being a ninja, being from Idaho, Nebraska City, Pennsyljersey and all, but walking around with a shirt telling people you're a ninja, then failing to exert simple ninja-like reflexes is not only lying, but stupid. The way I see it, that boy is more ninja than you'll ever be. Be thankful it was just an apple or you wouldn't have lived to post this FML.

a true ninja would have peeled the apple with his iris

and then had his second pet arthur, the unicorn/penguin/cat, otherwise know as the unipecat uni•pe•cat. eat the apple throw it up and have chuck norris rise from the puke, while playing classical music on his acoustic guitar with his less known second cousin fabio while laying upon the floor infront of them is the old spice guy upon the unipecat, arthur. when sudden hurculies falls down from the sky with his best friend harry potter while levatating over 500 tons of exploding dynamite with a sleeping newborn baby.

Wow. That'd be a million times more... awesome ? interesting ? if that was all typed up on the spot with no thinking whatsoever.

musicnote9 0

Rolf 19

Bahaha @ #19... WIN

don't encourage his stupidity.... that comment wasn't even funny at all, especially the part about chuck Norris

rnett08 5

#19 fail dude! #11 win! I for one bein a ninja know about peeling apples with my iris

45-it was actually typed on the spot :D

number 19 is my new hero =)

kamm94 0

I agree


YDI forthink you can be a ninja. Only males can. It's part of the Ninja code. But they make exceptions.

dude i heard about that master suzuki just emailed me what they must do. walk on 5 miles of glass that is on fire. but thats too easy right?

Way too easy. Infact, that is a fake. Must've been sent by juniors to get kicked out. The Master would find that task offensive. Don't do it. It's not worth it. Plus you can tell if it's by Master himself.

dudeitsdanny 9

I may be wrong, but you can't set glass on fire.. Your master is a fraud!

You chauvinist dick. You've never heard of kunoichi??