By cganon - 21/09/2010 12:44 - United Kingdom

Today, I was in a store when a child looked at me and said to his mother "look at that tall man!" His mother replied "he's an evil giant isn't he, darling?" I then mimed being an evil giant to make the kid laugh. His mother slapped me. FML
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Don't know why you went along with the Mother's "evil giant" comment. It's not good to cater to people who insult you. Should this ever happen again, consider saying with a stone-cold facial expression, "Pardon? I'm not a giant and I'm not evil."


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wow I don't know how much of a stretch this is but can't you sue or get her arrested for assault or something along those lines?

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@boyfromthefuture that shit was hilarious

she had mistaken you for a boy-hungry pedophile

Should have slapped the bitch back. If women don't want to be struck by men, then don't hit men for stupid reasons

Agreed seanders!! women shouldn't hit men any more than men should hit women.

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dont file for assault cuz then you would be a evil giant pussy or a giant evil pussy or an evil pussy giant. sorry it's been a long couple of days.

I can only assume that your big evil giant looks more like a big evil pedophile. I'm never letting you on my charades team.

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wouldn't being from wales make you welsh...

Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell the blood of and angry mum!


I'm kinda pissed that 21s face shows up twice in a row of the comment I wanna slap him for some reason 

warm up ur back hand and bitch slap her, will she's on the ground be like, I better not see ur ugly mug round me again, then slap again for good measure

lol 79 I see you've taken stupified's pic(forgot how to spell his name xD)

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#76 but the kid isn't the one who slapped op

Don't know why you went along with the Mother's "evil giant" comment. It's not good to cater to people who insult you. Should this ever happen again, consider saying with a stone-cold facial expression, "Pardon? I'm not a giant and I'm not evil."

#4 Agreed. I would have just given them both the ol' evil eye and walked away.

Or crushed their bones and eat them for supper. You might keep the child in your rucksack for a tasty treat later that evening.

I think something should definitely been done in retaliation. I get plenty of weird looks because of my height. People who comment on it annoy me. "evil giant" might have caused me to snap. I'm 6'8", so most frequently, I get, "how's the weather up there" or "do you play basketball".. To the first I respond : it's raining, and then I start hawking a loogie. To the later, I respond, "no, I'm into competitive limbo"

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"evil, that's just what I call my dong" she still would have slapped you but it would have been for a good reason.

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yea, what the mother said wasn't very nice an was quite insulting. but what you recommend isn't exactly great either, its more like it was pointless just like what the mother said

@ e_pi_i_plus1 I get that all the time. When they say "Wow your tall, do you play basketball?" You should respond with "Wow your short, are you a jockey?"

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Same here 83!!! Just the other day my universitie's womens basketball coach tried to convince me to play basketball for her because I "have some good size on me." (I'm 6'0") Who the hell says stuff like that??? I just walked away. Aha.

i agree with #3 sue for all she has lol

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Why would anyone even think about suing over something so petty as this?

She's American, suing is practically there culture.

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Because that woman is retarded and a danger to tall people.

@86 the rules of FML clearly state no duche bags. please clear the premises immediately.

#113. although the rules do not state this... no Justin beiber hair cuts.

yeah dude you are so right also Americans are kinda. stupid... just sayin

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and apparently generalizing people because of nationality is in you non-american's culture. we are still the richest, and most powerful country in the world. and remember that if we wanted, we could destroy any other country in the world quite easily. this is mostly attributed to mixed races and diversity acceptance in the military except for gays. best military in the world.

...But that doesn't make it the right solution.

a year late here, but it says they are from the UK

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WOW :O That lady was a bitch for insulting you and THEN slapping you for playing along with her insult.

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It amazes me that someone would insult a person and then go out of her way to physically harm that person bc they played along with it...

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Mimes deserve to be slapped! What do you want? A tip, you irritating, no-talent hack!

I think by "mimed an evil giant" OP means acted like a creepy pedophile.

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Put them freakishly long legs to use and drop-kick her in the fun bags.

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Sue for assault, then it'll be F HER L.