By atsukobo - 2/11/2020 22:59 - United States

Cover up

Today, after a nasty fight with my military husband, which resulted in mandatory marriage counseling, he told me we needed to talk about the fight. Not talk it over and apologize; talk it over so our stories are consistent when we see the therapist. FML
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By  Trisha Hawkins  |  2

Look I’ve been there, you probably don’t want to hear it. But you need to leave. It won’t get better the C.O.s will do whatever it takes to keep the members in there and you not press charges. I was young and they threatened to take my kids and give them to my abuser. I believed them I stayed until he separated from the military. 9 month later we started the divorce and I’ve been safe I still had to fight for my kids safety. But in that time he never stopped it got worse.

By  rotflqtms_  |  18

Tell them the truth. Let him squirm. Let him realize what he does WILL get back to them in these mandatory counselling sessions. That should make him too scared to do anything while you start your divorce. He sounds abusive AF.