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Today, a friend and I were walking around a festival when out of nowhere a giant bug hit me in the face. I went into instant ninja mode, screaming and flailing. When I stopped, I realized it was just a leaf and everyone was staring at me. FML
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Quick tutorial. Ninjas do: Swiftly chop bugs before they can hit face Ninjas don't: Scream and flail

Just tell them you were practicing your mosh


Just tell them you were practicing your mosh

I just imagined, what if it wasn't a music festival? "Just practicing my mosh guys" " an art festival?". I realize gow ******* stupid this is, just made me chuckle.

...why would you go into "instant ninja mode" in the first place?

I don't think Emala has ever walked into a spiderweb before...

Never go full ninja. The consequences could be dire if you aren't well trained.

Well if you're going to enter ninja-mode properly it better happen instantly. Otherwise you have bad reflexes and you're a shitty ninja.

Why would you not :| I do that sometimes for fun

You could have noticed the leaf while at the same point, you could have been too focused to realize it was only a leaf!

That's kind of the point of the FML...

Your imagination plays dirty games with you.

At least you have the reflexes for an actual ninja attack. Yet probably not the physical ability to take down a ninja.

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It's okay! Happens to the best of us!

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I don't think the OP is fit to be a ninja in Konoha.....