By Lame - 10/07/2011 00:19 - United States

Today, I was robbed by a guy wearing a ninja turtle costume. FML
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What were you dressed as, Shredder?

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What were you dressed as, Shredder?

chester75 5

lol look at the bright side you got your FML published :)

Dude. It takes all four to take down shredder. A single ninja turtle wouldn't stand a chance without his homies.

When I read "ninja turtle", I knew that this simply could not qualify as a FML.

^ I agree, That would make my day.

kellanlvr 1

and no one noticed a ninja turtle robbing you?

Kellen. Baby, they thought he was saving him.

Hey, why was my combat removed? I wasn't questioning whether or not the FML was legit, I was stating how awesome it would be to be robbed by a ninja turtle. Geez modz, cut me some slack. :-/

That1GuyUNo 0

ONG YOU'RE SO LUCKY. That was Remi Gaillard-- look up his videos on youtube, he's famous.

teenage mutant ninja turtles, teenage mutant ninja turtles! robbers in a costume, turtle power!

fthislyfe 22

lol that was funny. this is so gonna be my one of my favorites.

that's a whole lot of awesome!

a_nutritionist 10

@37 he was dressed as one of the foot clan. who wouldnt rob someone dressed as one of those losers.

Guess it won't be hard to find him then?

it could be worse. they could have gotten robbed by...APRIL. :O |the kid|

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

he's a ninja mind u

lol yea i looked him up couldent stop laughing good chance it was a guy trying to copy him because the op's in america

im talking about what #75 said

a_nutritionist 10

@75 the guy is famous for being a cunt. i dont know whats worse, his existence or the band of douchebags who idolise him.

did anyone else watch the show "Breaking in" on fox where this happened? :p

Or maybe you for having absolutely no sense of humour.... Yeah I'm one of the douchebags that ideolise him, so go eat your carrots and live in your sad world...

imthatguythatdid 0

which one?

169, CARROTS!?! Made my day.

a_nutritionist 10

@169 you wouldnt know what a sense of humour was if it sat on your face. i guess i should find it funny that someone behaves like a child for the purpose of irritating others, damaging private property and endangering the people around them. the only way i could find this even remotely redeeming is if he compensated those he fucked over, and there is no evidence of that, so hes just a cunt with a camera.

37, I like to read your comments as if it's the cat saying them. makes em a whole lot better lol

# 248 You don't know what you are talking about. Rémi Gaillard always pays and compensates others for what he damages and never trully "endangers" anybody... He actually is a really nice guy who just doesn't take life too seriously... You should try...

a_nutritionist 10

@268 i respond to what i see. he doesnt show that he compensated anyone in his videos, and doesnt give any disclaimers either. as such, im not going to take your word for it that he doesnt genuinely fuck anyone over. and yes he does endanger people.

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Ninja Turtles! lol yhat suks

Lexi_Ray 5

that* :)

ImaWiseGuy 5

were you carrying a pizza by chance?

OP is in New York too! So it all fits, minus being robbed of course.

Blackmail111 9

Soooo thats how the turtles get all that money for pizza

your spelling "suks" too

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jackiemoonthepro 5

lol imagine giving a description to the cops

Yeah. Cop: "So a "turtle" robbed you?" OP: "A teenage MUTANT NINJA turtle." Cop: "Did you happen to be carrying a pizza?"

yanksby7 6

Holdups in a half shell...TURTLE POWER!

imnotcraZ 0

amazingly creative thief...

that's a awesome person to be robbed by though!

THIS WAS ON THE SHOW COPS :o the guy like shot at them through the front door. but the cops didn't believe him

The guy probably took OPs pizza.

I heard u like mudkipz! lol! idk what they are but someone told me that

What does the irony taste like? Iron?

rafsta 0

Did u leave pizza in tha fridge

they're just awesome like that

who ever it was he was damn sneaky!

mrmystery96 0

Had to have been Raphael, as revenge for that XKCD comic.

Has to be Raphael. The others don't got the balls to go take what they want. XD

MrSexyPants 14

You must be a pizza delivery man.

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you seen that to

ninja turtles rock!!!

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Your name and comment reminds me of Mr. Sexys Pizza from That 70's Show (

iAmScrubs 19

And then you called to get your microwave fixed and Bob the Builder showed up?

Glitterhinoceros 14

Don't forget about Handy Manny :3

sandythongs 1

handy mandy got caught by immigration use your handy to wave to mandy :p