By bbbkingsey - United States
Today, while walking through the park, a little boy came running up to me and hit me in the nuts with a stick. I fell on the ground and looked up just in time to see his mom giving him the thumbs up with a smile on her face. FML
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  intotheblue  |  0

I was wondering what he did to deserve it too. It doesn't make any sense that a woman you've never met would tell her son to go up and hit a random man in the balls with a stick, just for kicks. Unless she's practicing for Fight Club or she's completely nuts or something. I find it more likely that you know her and she had a reason to be mad at you. But I don't condone violence, especially not involving children, so I clicked both YDI and FYL.

  FarSide  |  22

The story makes no sense. Still, I would have run after the little nutcracker, and tripped him to make him cry. Then sucker punch his momma in the pubic bone. Apparently both of them understand pain.

  gunman15  |  4

that is something no man deserves and dam I would have charged even if it was a kid and mom you might make it not to have kids in total if you do that to someone

By  Ligerie  |  0

WTF is wrong with parents now-a-days????
It's as if everywhere I go now parents think their kids acting like brats is so cute.
Then this mom would have been pissed if you yelled at her kid for doing that.

  beartalon  |  0

Exactly. I had a child yell at his mother that I was stupid because I was fat. First of all, I was in Walmart shopping and hadn't said or done anything to indicate stupidity, and how does fat and stupid correlate?

The mom didn't tell her child to stop, didn't make him apologize and didn't apologize to me for his rudeness. She saw me glaring at her and started to back away behind her husband, as if that was going to stop my opinions on their parenting. I gave those loudly and told them bald-faced that their child needs better parenting on behaving nicely to people and lessons about how not to discriminate.

The mother just waved me off. The father tried to look threatening, but I was taller (and obviously bigger than he was, because as we know, I'm fat). He slunk off after I told him that if he tried anything we'd be going to court.