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Today, I was wearing a black shirt, black pants, and a black beanie at a grocery store. I came around a corner, bumped into a woman and she screamed, "Murderer." I was immediately thrown out. FML
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Because those clothes define you as a murderer.... Stupid judgmental people these days

I heard a thief that stole a calendar got 12 months.


Because those clothes define you as a murderer.... Stupid judgmental people these days

As a person who also dresses in all black and was defined as a "serial killer" by plenty of people, including my girlfriend, I've learned smiling at strangers in public goes a long way to fight stereotypes. Just be sure to avoid smiling at children -- protective parents are the worst.

I like how Op didn't defend getting thrown out. Im sure they would have understood. They just assumed as well as the dumb shit who started this.

34: for the most part, I'd agree with you about the smiling. But what if you have a creepy smile? Like the kind that says, "I'm planning on chopping you up and stuffing your body bits under my floorboards." -slow creepy smile-

@59 If you have a smile like that, you might as well wear a smiley face t-shirt with the caption, "Don't check under the floorboards, officer!" I suggest avoiding all eye contact. Sunglasses preferred. If you must smile, toothless. Life lessons for the off-beat with Mr. Concise is now in session.

34- did you kill your girlfriend when she accused you of being a serial killer? And to be honest... I will admit I am a cereal killer

@ The 69 Serial Killer - Luckily she told me after we started dating and finished with "but I don't think that anymore." It's been hard to keep her away from the freezer, though...

66: do I have to have a shirt that is so blatant about it? Or could the smile and a shirt with a raven on it work just as well? Oh I suppose in the case of that story, a vulture. Though perhaps that reference would be too obscure.

Exactly what i was thinking. But am i the only one who thought of that commercial with the guy in the ski mask, and the store guy thinks hes a criminal?

Sounds less murdery and more robbery.

I heard a thief that stole a calendar got 12 months.

People can dress however they want, it's the grocery store!!!

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@yoimtrollin your comment was stupid, please dont ever say anything like that ever again

#5 Some people should not have that privilege... Just go to Walmart for proof

Eh. Better than his first comment. Good try though.

Yeah #2 changed his status, now my comment just look stupid. And #15, I will if I ever go to USA:)

I didn't change my status, only my comment. I never meant to make you look stupid, my original comment was foolish, so I tried editing beforehand.

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26 - I think a judge's job is to find out if someone is guilty of a crime or not, or to come to some type of conclusion in a civil case. If they did that by quickly judging people the court would only be in session for 30 seconds every case.

philbelfrage 13

65 - I'll thumb you up for that one. I worded it quite poorly, I apologize. I was trying to say judges don't judge quickly, because a judge who judged quickly wouldn't be a very good judge, as they might let that influence their final decision in the matter. I guess I was trying to point out judicial activism, and how most judges don't let such things influence their decision. It does happen, of course, but most judges don't succumb to it. Again, I worded it quite poorly. Never been very good with conveying what I mean with words. My apologies again. I understand why I've been down voted haha.

philbelfrage 13

Why? Don't like the exclusionary rule?

Some people... I can see how it would be a gut reaction, but to get the guy thrown out?

But, why is it a gut reaction? My gut reaction would be a robber at most due to movies and tv shows.

I have to wear all black for work and often I identify other people on the way to the same job from their clothing so my gut reaction would probably be that OP was going to work lol. Definitely wouldn't ever think 'murderer'.

But he was wearing a black beanie, which a lot of stereotypical robbers (the ones with black and white striped shirts)

RedPillSucks 31

A beenie? I was thinking that the woman thought he was wearing a burka, until the beenie part.

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That's really messed up. Some people these days...

Well **** them for profiling via what you're wearing. And **** that crazy lady.

muffinkitty 15

Wow, you wanna **** everyone!

I'm sure your lady bits will be screaming in protest in the morning.

DWT 18

Sometimes I wonder what people think of me when I wear all black. I guess I know now.

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Normal, sane people think you're just another person in the store. Don't worry about it.

Call a store manager or whoever is above the guy that threw you out.

You should know that all bad guys wear all black. The good guys wear white. Haven't you seen any westerns?

I always thought that too. however gi Joe blew that concept out of the water with snakeeyes in all black and storm shadow in all white. just when you think you have it all figured out.

The White Sox did the same thing with their "Good Guys Wear Black" ads. Also, and this is really going to show my age, cowboy actor William Boyd (aka Hopalong Cassidy) always wore black clothes and hats. Anyway, I think it's amazing how people can be thrown out of a place simply because one nervous person makes a scene. I know we're supposed to be vigilant these days, in light of possible terrorist attacks, but folks really do need to get a grip.

As if you couldn't murder someone whilst wearing yellow shorts, a pink shirt and a purple beanie. You'd even have the element of surprise.