By Braxam - 15/06/2011 16:42 - United States

Today, I was walking to class, when a kid came up behind me and smacked me in the face a few times until I fell to the ground. I rolled over and he said, "Oh shit! Wrong person, my bad." FML
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Don’t worry, that happens more than you think.

"my bad". I hate when people say that, such a poor, pathetic excuse for "I'm sorry"


Don’t worry, that happens more than you think.

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u should have stole his lunch money.

He slapped you... so break his jaw. There you go problem solved.

You are a ******** **** ******!!! and your comment makes no sense. oh crap wrong comment, my bad.

I wonder what the person who he meant to smack did to him?

Aren't head shots generally one shot, one kill situations? 'Cause apparently it took a few shots to get OP down.

how can he smack you in the face if he was behind you?

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lmao I've done something like that:)

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r u kidding!? I do that to ppl all the feeling time!

next time you see him, have anal sex with him and then pretend you thought he was your girlfriend. school is all about gaining respect from your peers.

Thats when you get up and say "oh it's ok you slap like a bitch" then procceed to beat the hell out of him!

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Make it your new greeting. Every time you see each other, *Slap*.

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18, when its a gun, yes. but in this case it was a fistxD

You should have gotten one of your heaviest books, smacked him in the face with it and said "Woops. Sorry! You stupid ****."

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hey how u doin! *slap* nice weather were having *slap*

yeah it does. one time while walking to my dorm some chick slapped my ass and freaked out cause she thought I was someone else. Definitely would rather that happen than get slapped in the face though

wouldn't most people check who it is first? what an idiot

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Now THATS what i call a proffesional Bitch-Slap

I feel bad for the other person... he is going to get his ass jumped!!! :D

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And he recognized it was his bad...

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it's not honest to hit people like that even if it was the wrong person

It was a mistake and OP should be happy it is a mistake. If it wasn't then OP would probably have it done o him again an again and again.

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(s)he was probably doing it to a friend, or atleast intended to, (s)he came up from behind and couldn't tell who it was until (s)he stopped.. It actually was and honest mistake

56 Why would friends do that to eachother? That's stupid, especially at school where it can easily misinterpreted for an actual fight. It wasn't "and honest mistake".

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Yeah... just an honest mistake. Just like pulling out a knife and stabbing him would be an "honest" mistake.

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friends do stupid things and my typo corrector changed the word

"my bad". I hate when people say that, such a poor, pathetic excuse for "I'm sorry"

my bad is a better way of saying im sorry

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saying I'm sorry indicates you apologize, saying My bad indicates it was they're fault. if you say my bad or I'm sorry it still basically means they didn't mean for that to happen

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@3 they dont mean the same thing at all. many people also use the two together.

He just "attacked" someone he wasn't even sure was the correct person, I'd doubt he'd take the time to excuse himself!

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that's sucks. I hope u chase them for a pay back.

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goodness ur pic is adorable ^_^

Better yet, chase them and give them a wedgie.

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What an idiot. He needs to either get glasses or get a life.

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OP said that the person came from behind so you can't see the persons face so maybe from behind it looked like the person he was aiming for.

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Maybe #6 was talking about the guy who slapped him?

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and 15 said the slapper came from behind.... if you could read he didn't say OP came from behind and slapped themselves

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whoops, 15 is a miss, so she not he

He walked up "behind" you and hit you in the face only recognizing you afterwards as you rolled over? Check your story.

Clearly the guy wrapped his arm around OP in order to slap him... What, you mean that doesn't make sense?

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either that or saw OP thinking it was the person they intended to slap and slapped them so fast from the front they saw OP's face while they were on said ground

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yeah, I'm pretty sure we can't as well.

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Lawsuit? Maybe, since it was assault. Damages? Ummm, to what? His face?

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why sue it didn't scar him or her they are well enough to post so no about suing and if you people did something wrong u want someone to sue u over something little

Public humiliation, lost wages if his face was swollen and he couldn't show at work, and well if you're in America you can probably say you fear for your life whenever you're outside and get damages for that. At least the cops should be involved, it is assault. P.S.- I didn't ask if you wanted to say it, I said "can" you. Unless you're mute, you CAN. Jerks. :p