Do it again!

By immy504 - 30/11/2011 05:39 - United States

Today, at my job as a waitress, I fell, landed on my ass, managing not to spill the drinks or drop the food in my hands. A little boy yelled, "NINJA WAITRESS!" Everyone at work has been calling me that all day, and purposely been trying to trip me to see if I could do it again. FML
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Ninja waitress ftw! :)

That is the best nickname ever...


Ninja waitress ftw! :)

That's f***ing awesome! I would have loved to see that. Besides, now you have a badass nickname... Your life is glorious.

Of course OP can't admit to it, what sort of ninja would be like "Yeah I'm a ninja". A stupid one thats what. They will get ninja killed, by an anti-ninja.

Anti-ninja?... Chuck Norris?

that would have been amazing to see :p

bloody amazing skills

This isn't an FML! This is a protein milkshake, low-carb intake, title at stake!

I love heartwarming FML stories.

Congratulations grasshopper, you are ready.

Would you happen to be Sookie Stackhouse by any chance?

so true

17 - she not only has a badass nickname now, but probably also a bad ass.

the YDI option seems like a good thing in this scenario

the YDI option seems like a good thing in this scenario

If it wasn't for the assholes trying to trip you, this would be a total win.

just Cary a ninja sword now and kill anyone daring enough to try and trip you

OP, You totally deserved it. Which, for the first time ever, is a good thing.

89-My last name is stackhouse... No lie. FTW

Sounds more like Spiderman than a ninja.

It's okay, I accept it. I know people still haven't forgiven Spidey for that shitty 3rd movie.

I love all the spiderman movies ^^ the first was definitely the best though.

Yeah. Couldve been better, but the reference was good. Thumbs up

Lets help out number 2 with his comment. It's a great reference!!!

That is the best nickname ever...

Customer:I need a bill Waitress:check your front pocket

Customer *puts hands in pockets*: Shit I left my wallet in the car Ninja waitress: Whoa, you have a lot of credit cards

ninja waitress is a cool name...

Love it when that happens

How often does "that" happen?

It's more common than you think.

Thats awesome!! Except the trying to be tripped again :/ but a true ninja keeps guard and uses abilities wen need be

How is this a FML? You're a fricken NINJA WAITRESS. That's awesome!

That's really unsafe. You or someone around you could get seriously hurt. Not cool, not cool at all.

Party pooper.

Your saying that like she had a choice?

Oh great the fun police is out in full force. GTFO officer!

Miss Cleaver, I think the beaver will be just fine.

hey, at least they can't blame you if you fall because someone purposely tripped you.