Do it again!

By immy504 - 30/11/2011 05:39 - United States

Today, at my job as a waitress, I fell, landed on my ass, managing not to spill the drinks or drop the food in my hands. A little boy yelled, "NINJA WAITRESS!" Everyone at work has been calling me that all day, and purposely been trying to trip me to see if I could do it again. FML
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That's f***ing awesome! I would have loved to see that. Besides, now you have a badass nickname... Your life is glorious.

Of course OP can't admit to it, what sort of ninja would be like "Yeah I'm a ninja". A stupid one thats what. They will get ninja killed, by an anti-ninja.

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This isn't an FML! This is a protein milkshake, low-carb intake, title at stake!

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I love heartwarming FML stories.

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Congratulations grasshopper, you are ready.

Would you happen to be Sookie Stackhouse by any chance?

17 - she not only has a badass nickname now, but probably also a bad ass.

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the YDI option seems like a good thing in this scenario

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the YDI option seems like a good thing in this scenario

If it wasn't for the assholes trying to trip you, this would be a total win.

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just Cary a ninja sword now and kill anyone daring enough to try and trip you

OP, You totally deserved it. Which, for the first time ever, is a good thing.

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89-My last name is stackhouse... No lie. FTW

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Sounds more like Spiderman than a ninja.

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It's okay, I accept it. I know people still haven't forgiven Spidey for that shitty 3rd movie.

I love all the spiderman movies ^^ the first was definitely the best though.

Yeah. Couldve been better, but the reference was good. Thumbs up

Lets help out number 2 with his comment. It's a great reference!!!

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Customer:I need a bill Waitress:check your front pocket

Customer *puts hands in pockets*: Shit I left my wallet in the car Ninja waitress: Whoa, you have a lot of credit cards

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Thats awesome!! Except the trying to be tripped again :/ but a true ninja keeps guard and uses abilities wen need be

How is this a FML? You're a fricken NINJA WAITRESS. That's awesome!

That's really unsafe. You or someone around you could get seriously hurt. Not cool, not cool at all.

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Your saying that like she had a choice?

Oh great the fun police is out in full force. GTFO officer!

Miss Cleaver, I think the beaver will be just fine.

hey, at least they can't blame you if you fall because someone purposely tripped you.