By notpregnantthankgod - 20/11/2015 17:20 - United Kingdom - Southampton

Today, the local gossip was in line behind me at the shop. She saw me buying pregnancy tests. The good news is that I'm not pregnant. The bad news is that she'll definitely have everyone thinking I am. FML
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Shouldn't be that hard to diffuse, just tell people the truth and anyone who doesn't believe you will obviously find out that they're wrong in a couple of months

if i was her i would watch my back! you can make a lot of enemys like that!


congrats on not becoming a slave for 18 years

You seem like a really positive person.

#1, makes me wonder how you treat your parents.

congrats on having no sense of humor. it was a joke in case you missed it.

#21 oh I didnt miss it, it just wasn't a good joke :)

I didn't mean you, the other guy. it was a crappy joke but I've had a long day. I found a pube in my fries from bk.

#32 dang, that might be a worse FML than the one we are commenting on haha

I had eaten a few fries before I discovered it. good thing it was at the top though. curly fries anyone?

also sometimes I make comments knowing people will hate it just to see how many dislikes I'll get.

Hehe, I've learned the hard way as well that FML community doesn't tolerate jokes in their comments. Apparently the comments are to prove to everyone how morally upright you are. All these egomaniacs make me sad.

DeltaDragonxx 20

#45 no, good jokes are very much allowed by all of us. Emphasis on the word good.

I totally agree. I very much dislike children.

Ugh! I hate people like that.

Shouldn't be that hard to diffuse, just tell people the truth and anyone who doesn't believe you will obviously find out that they're wrong in a couple of months

I know it's not ideal and my plan has its flaws, but what else can she do? Also, if the girl is already known as the town gossip, then people might just believe OP over her.

The stubborn ones will think she had an abortion.

She should learn to keep her mouth shut

I'm sorry to hear that OP. Hopefully everything will work out, but if not, everyone will learn the truth in a couple of weeks tops.

heftysmash253 6

You dodged the real bullet here from becoming a teen mom. School only lasts so long, so just ignore any stories that get spread around. I suggest using contraception if you didn't previously as well.

KhaleesiDannie 26

It doesn't say she's a teen or in school

i know many adults who gossip.. not just teens

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Eh about 3-4 months down the line she will lose all credibility

The local gossips are usually the most insecure. You bet your ass s/he won't be telling anyone about his/her own personal business.

It's I only a matter of time before she has everyone thinking you had an abortion.

Steve95401 49

You could have gone across town, or even to another city, to avoid running into someone who knows you.

She shouldn't have to do that

Or she should be able to buy personal products in places that are convenient without having people run their mouths...

she shouldnt have to go to another town just to buy a pregnancy test. nosy people should just learn to mind their own damn business.

This is why self checkouts are so fantastic.