Shame! Shame! Shame!

By Telinaa - 08/11/2010 02:25 - Australia

Today, I was holding on to a shirt that I planned on buying, when an elderly man bumped into me. The shirt fell out of my hand, and slid just out the door. I went to the counter to explain what happened. Everyone accused me of trying to steal it anyway. FML
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How close were you to the door with that shirt!

FYLDeep 25

A real ninja could have stolen the shirt no problem. Of course real ninjas aren't insecure enough to feel the need to declare that they are ninjas via shirt. That old man was probably a ninja.


and i would of got away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids

pwincessa23 1

Well, fyl...

that was your perfect opportunity to take it and run. the same outcome wouldve happened anyway

I can just imagine it in matrix style.

This is disturbing on so many levels.

Well, the old man could have had a heart attack! D:

^^ looooooooool that made me laugh so hard

you should have gotten it and ran away

In soviet Russia, you don't steal it, it steals you

spade1997 0

haha fail

What store has clothes so close to the door that you can drop a shirt outside

aww not cool aha

sarinasusu 2

That sucks, the old man should of fessed up. Sorry : /

desigirl2010 0

yeah he saw it happen and don't they have security cameras?

in Australia not ALL shops have cameras a lot do though

5, ur pretty hot :)

i know u were planning on stealing and just wanted an excuse

If she/he was going to steal they wouldn't have gone up to the counter

^Exactly. A thief will avoid any and all contact with employees if they're trying to steal.

TheDrifter 23

Not always true 51. I'm a delivery driver and I've seen people ask for help finding things then try to bolt with them. Not all thieves are all that bright.

Maybe you should've smacked him up?

How close were you to the door with that shirt!

and even if she was right at the door, how did the shirt "slide?"

I know right?

Well the shirt's 'arms' helped the shirt "slide".

42, Quite plausible! :)

Exactly what I was wondering, marinus. Unless it was a tiny shop with the register (or the line for the register) right by the door, it seems odd that OP would be halfway out the door with the shirt.

chelle_starlight 0

well, did you still get the shirt!?

of course not cuz he wouldve had to pay, he said "planned on" buying not bought

Infirm the old man.