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By Nose bleed - 16/04/2014 02:48 - Canada - North Vancouver

Today, I was eating an apple in class. When I went to take a big bite, my teeth went right through the apple, causing me to scrape the apple right up my face. My nose then started to bleed. I'm now known as the girl who punched herself in the face with an apple. FML
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That's actually pretty funny. I'm sorry op

an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Haha yea right! sorry OP


That's actually pretty funny. I'm sorry op

In a few weeks I'm sure you will laugh it off. It's a good story nonetheless.

Well at least you're known for something... Sorry OP

It would make a great show: 'When Apples Attack!'

I am 90% asleep, so there is a possibility I'm wrong, but isn't there a typo in the FML? Shouldn't it say "through the apple" instead of "though the apple"? I really hope my lack of sleep isn't causing me to look like an idiot. Apologies in advance!

Well it's best not to be the grammar police when you're 90% asleep #57

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At least you didn't mistake a light bulb for an apple like in the movie Occulus...

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That's horrible OP. Haters are just jealous of you.

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Man, I wish I punched myself with an apple ):

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It's never too late, 22. Heh I just did it a couple of times now! :€

Or they think eating a loud ass apple IN CLASS is inconsiderate.

I'm sorry for you OP :( and I hope you are OK now.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Haha yea right! sorry OP

Only if you throw the apple at the doctor.

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#40 this comment made my day XD

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. Maybe I should bring an apple with me and throw it at her.

An apple a day keeps anyone away if thrown hard enough

That's a fantastic way to make applesauce!

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Oh poor you.. sorry OP.. I hope they will forget that in a couple of days..

That's pretty funny but still sucks. You should try to embrace it of they don't forget.

I'm confused, how the hell does that happen?