By sandi519 - 13/03/2012 03:10 - United States

Today, I was working retail when a group of older gentlemen came in looking for a good sound system. I showed them a top-range system and gushed about it in detail, trying to close the sale. One of them snorted and said, "See Dave, girls like her are the reason ball gags were invented." FML
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They put the 'S' and 'M' in SexisM.

Soo rude


boomhauer18 3

He hit it right on the money, asshole.

you should have said " and they invented whips because of men like you."

Soo rude

okiidokii_fml 6

Yea like I wouldn't have the guts To say that! And If I was her I would Complain!

Not sure where the rest of my comment went. Men can't handle women who know more. Clearly they need to berate them to feel better about themselves. I'd put a ball gag in his mouth ;)

boomhauer18 3

Or maybe women should learn not to talk so much.

Whoah 13, no need to get sexist, men not handling women who are smarter isn't the case at all. It is just that old people can do a lot of rude things and get away with it.

Enan 4

Already with the feminist victimization? "Men can't handle strong, intelligent women so they put us down". Perhaps when she was "gushing" about the sound system, one of the men verbally expressed his annoyance followed with the idea of putting a cork in it. You can sell something without tiring your costumer.

Your costumer? ._. I want a costume...

darthzerg 7


darthzerg 7

You can ball gag me...

Nice sexist generalization. Now back to the kitchen.

Talia_91 13

28- she is a sales person her job is to talk about the product, she may have gushed over it to make it sound like its amazing and something she wants to close the sale like she said. Men can't handle it when women know more, and not all men, but I work as a sales person and I sell doors and windows and garages and parts to all that and just cause I'm a women I don't know anything yet none of those guys know a single hung to a double hung window or an interior door to an exterior one. And even if that guy was tired of hearing her talk he could of walked away and had his friend listen, cuz I'll assume questions were asked about the product to make OP gush over it.

bizarre_ftw 21

62 But- but- I'm lazy. And I don't want to cook. I Wanna Be A Peacock!!!! Costumer! Fetch me your finest peacockery!! And a tail to match! :)

sycosyd_97 1

Y r some of u defending this douch? he straight up disrespected her while she was explaining something about what he wanted to know. He could have said thank you and walked away. That's all I'm saying

So* You missed the period.

lmw562 3

So since when does gushing about something mean you actually know something about your sale. The word alone brings to mind 13 year olds talking about boys. There's also a thing about overselling a product. The comment about the ball gag was rude, but at least they had the patience to listen to her.

eddiebooth3 3

Whats rude is when some women naggs you to death and you say something then your the bad guy go figure wish more men where like these old guys women would know there place still the kitchen.

Why is everyone assuming these were "old guys"? I didn't see where OP referenced their age.

oops! guess I need my eyes checked! I see they were "older gentlemen"

"Older gentlemen". Although I would hesitate to call them "gentlemen". If they wanted her to be quieter, they could have asked POLITELY - 'excuse me, could you talk slower, we have trouble understanding you', for example - rather than resorting to crude and sexist remarks.

#119: "a group of older gentlemen".

laxbro182 1

I agree with them. YDI for having an annoying voice! Those girls are so annoying.

How do you know she had an annoying voice though? And even if she did, what does that have to do with her ability to sell a product? People with annoying voices deserve jobs too. Sadly, some people are just rude for the sake of being rude. You could be the best salesperson in the world, and there will always be someone who will complain about your service.

Why are some of you defending this douche?**

She could have just said: "this is the best we have" us men like it simple.. Telling us what the system can do is just taking al the fun out of finding it out ourselves. And yeah, although funny, it was a bit rude what the man said...

Talia_91 13

92- as I said in the last of my comment one of the group of gentlemen must have asked questions. And when sellin someone something if you sell it and don't like it they aren't going to buy it so just because she used the word gush, she could of said at the end of pitch that it was a top product( or a new one they got in I use that a lot) and said how amazing it was and wishes she had one

I agree with 23. But at the same time those men shouldn't be so mean to women. I mean just think, lots of women have helped the world. Take Rosa Parks for instance, without her black people would still be treated cruely.

Cuppycakeslol 4

I agree with pinkie pie.

zombiekillah 6

agreed #2

laxbro182 1

They want to ball gag her because she is annoying not because she knows a lot about the thing she is selling....

revan546 24

Don't deny it OP you like that kinky shit.

They put the 'S' and 'M' in SexisM.


Wow, somebody's vanilla. Google SM/BDSM. Now I gotta go. Chris wants me to take a seat...

It's when people get turned on by physical and mental abuse. Use your imagination

Not so much mental I guess. Fuck idk just watch Pulp Fiction

goddamniluvme 0

U put the 'L' and 'E' in "LAME."

98 - you put the 'idiot' in 'idiot'.

That's certainly a bit of a stretch there.

BDSM is a sexual fetish term (bondage/dominance/sadomasochism) for when a person enjoys being dominated and physically hurt. It's not abuse though. Seriously for the people who are too lazy to use Google, no one could give a straight definition?


EmilieAutumn 7

We should feel bad for their wives... Imagine what THEY have to put up with.

I think we can safely assume these men are single

I think we can safely assume these men are single

I_Hug_Cats 26

For you to gag them.. Right?

Like put thousands of golf balls in their car? Worlds best ball gag ever.

I love you profile picture!! :D

That was for I_hug_cat...

Lol going to say, it ain't that exciting, mate.

Wow, really? That is so disrespectful

The OP talk too much, old men no like it, they want OP no to talky. Got it?

Well sounds like he's hitting on you, did you at least flirt back with him?

EmilieAutumn 7

They're perverse old men. So yeah, she probably didn't.

Pfft. Then she missed out. Who doesn't enjoy the company of perverse old men?

Wtf is wrong with you

People who can't understand harmless jokes.

According to my psychiatrist, quite a lot actually. And I'm not (usually) actually that stupid, this was just a really bad joke

According to my psychiatrist, quite a lot actually. And I'm not (usually) actually that stupid, this was just a really bad joke

See, Sandi, it's guys like him that need date rape drugs to get any action.

it guys like him to why tazers (sp?) where invented

Taser. Has to be capitalized 'cuz it's a trademark.

lizard399 0

Wow. Fucking douche, since when did we start talking to each other like that?

Since January 1, 0001.

Is that AD or BC Doc?

But wait wouldn't that be only small time apart? Because BCE is counted backwards. 1000BCE 800BCE 600BCE 400BCE 200BCE 0001BCE 0 0001CE 200CE 400CE 600CE 800BCE 1000CE

0001 BCE and 0001 CE would be relatively close in time since BCE years are measured backwards. On a timeline it would look something similar to: 500 400 300 200 100 0001 0 0001 100 200 300 400 500 :D