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By amy - 16/10/2013 21:52 - United States - Wellesley Hills

Today, as I worked as a cashier, two girls came up laughing. I smiled as I rang them up, asking what had made them laugh so hard. One looked me dead in the face and said, "You." They then both walked away, laughing. FML
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error404n0tf0und 21

just laugh awkwardly until they get confused

JennyK1414 13

It's all good.. I'm a cashier and once a really cute guy came through my lane and was flirting with me. He came back through again because he forgot something. It was a pregnancy test.


Qwermy 16

damn, you should be a stand-up comedian. consider quitting that day job, OP

"Oh look I get first comment! I will waste this chance to try and be an asshole! That'll show them..."

I don't think OP should quit his job just because two teenage girls were acting like stuck up perfectionists ( hey- so many people are in this generation, I'm surprised people aren't used to it by now)

Yeah there's no reason to quit your job because of that. Just brush it off. Customers these days can be exceptionally rude because the customer is supposedly always right, so they tend to think its acceptable to say things like that because there will be no repercussions. Plus, girls can be catty. Don't let it get to you!

JMichael 25

I think you all failed to see the sarcasm here.

suboy 10

If they were laughing that hard im sure they wouldnt have noticed when you "accidentally" overcharged them. >:-|

error404n0tf0und 21

just laugh awkwardly until they get confused

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Or start cackling maniacally until they get uncomfortable.

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JocelynKaulitz 28

Or some people can be straight up rude. Especially since cashiers can't really do anything about it if they wanna keep their job. Personal experience.

SuperMew 22

What those girls did was not a joke, they were being little bitches because they could. I have seen the worst side of humanity working in retail. Some girl came up to my cash and told me I looked like a "starving African bitch" and it made her uncomfortable. She complained to my boss that I made her feel bad about herself. The woman had to be 350lbs. I was not sure what I was supposed to do? Gain weight in six second? My boss is pretty cool so he didn't even bother trying to 'reprimand' me to make the customer feel better, which has happened before over stupid shit. She suggested he hire "uglier, fatter women so no one would feel threatened when buying food." She said I looked like I was "judging" her about all her fatty foods. My boss just looked at her and said, "Perhaps you should purchase fruit?" She left agast and I have not seen her since.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

53- Just because you're pretty and take care of yourself doesn't mean you should change to make a fat bitch feel better about herself. Maybe she should change instead.

Your boss sounds like an awesome person.

Been there.I also work in retail and after losing forty pounds this lady asked if I was pregnant. I politely said no. She then had the audacity to continue and ask if I just had a baby. I again said no, a little more annoyed and explained that I just recently lost weight. I'm a size nine. No flab. Bitches. lol

But it also doesn't mean she has to be cruel and harsh because she can either. There's this thing called decorum, and many like these teen girls don't have it (those who feel it necessary to be crude jerks/bitches, rather than just walk away).

Waaw! You could have just acted cool and walked.. Being satisfied with seeing them laugh..! Well.. Calculated risk Huh?

That comment. I cannot comprehend it. o0

"Walk?" Do you mean "walk away?" While he/she was at work?

You could have called them skanks. Easy :)

and probably lose her job in the process.

Would it have been worth it? I'd like to think so.

They're laughing because you're just way better than them. Keep your head up!

JennyK1414 13

It's all good.. I'm a cashier and once a really cute guy came through my lane and was flirting with me. He came back through again because he forgot something. It was a pregnancy test.

graceinsheepwear 33

Submit this! Today, I was cashiering a lane when a really cute guy came through and began flirting with me. After he payed and left, he came back again saying he forgot something. What I hoped was his number, turned out to be a pregnancy test. FML

perdix 29

#9, just because he's got one girl knocked up doesn't mean he might not want to get another bun started in your oven ;)

I get people like that all the time. It's really funny when the 15 year old boys come through my line buying condoms At The Grocery Store and that's the only thing they get, trying to avoid eye contact with you.

You should lose your shit and destroy everything.

I noticed your aggressive toned comment and then checked out your profile and boy did it make me laugh.

You looked at my profile? I feel so violated.


I feel ya OP . Same scenario happened to me once and I just stood there motionless like a loser. I wanted to whip a bitch.

You don't look like the kinda person that would get laughed at

She certainly is, look at this duckface (*´Д`) still pretty awkward, don't take it personally, OP