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Today, my grandparents visited. My grandpa kept getting off the couch and walking around to "stretch his legs." He kept kicking out my computer's network cable and messing up my game, smirking each time he did it. When I complained, my mom told me to shut up and show some respect. FML
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you're mom is right, if your grandparents are visiting, you should be visiting with them not playing a freakin computer game


BarDownDaily 12

Maybe you should get off the computer games while your grandparents are in town. I mean, you don't know how many more times you will see them. Why not enjoy it with them!? Edit: Sorry, someone already said this. My Fault. Edit again: Holy shit a bunch of people said this. O well.

You forgot to end your sentence with a period.

Of course he did! Grandpa taught troll dad every trick he knows!

How do I respond to the OP & not someone commenting? I'm using the Samsung Nexus Android on Verizon...but anyway OP shut up & show some respect. Gramps is visiting & the game can wait

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Yeah you shouldn't have been playing games when your grandparents were visiting. He was probably getting a point across.

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I stopped at "grandpa getting off". I believe it made the FML better

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How about the grandpa show some respect and simply ask OP to get off the game instead of being a jackass and kicking computer equipment, which could mess it up by the way. I don't know why some people think it's okay to be an asshole just because you're someone's elder.

Yout grandparents are more important than getting "A 48 killstreak in t3h c411 0f d00t13z"

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Never hear of lag then? OP, quit playing games when your loved ones are around, your mom was dead on the money.

Both lag and getting disconnected are equally annoying. However I'd choose lag over the OPs situation as it takes less effort.

I am pretty sure they didn't have wires for gaming in the stone age.

Since when were there computers in the stone age? I guess we aren't as advanced as I had thought.

55- I think 22 worded your comment better, and an hour earlier to boot.

Ever heard of shut the **** up? Dumbass... Maybe he can't afford it, learn to shut the **** up, ungrateful *****.

Spottedfeather 7

Man, you're out of whack. I'd go crazy if I couldn't play games. It's the only thing that matters in my life. I don't have anything. How dare you think that you're so much better than everyone to tell them what to do with their family ?

2 - A wired connection is more reliable and better connection since its properly connected to the router with less obstructions etc. i play on my ps3 wired and i've never had a problem with connection unless its the router itself

111 - Wow, that's sad. I mean, I game, but there are so many other things that matter much more than playing a video game.

111 - You could try working for something other than video games so it's not the only thing you have.

When you gotta game you gotta game so get a wireless thing

'A wireless thing'? I hope you mean WiFi. I see you probably don't know much about connections because, compared to a cable connection, WiFi is too unstable to be using to play online. The only way to make it more stable than what it is is to get a certified router that runs on a different bandwidth to anything that might block the signal.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Were you trying to rhyme? It didn't work...

to make 57's comment clearer, with wifi sometimes you get lag which sucks. with cable you get less or no lag which is better

If they were trying to rhyme I'm pretty sure they would have said "thang" and not "thing". It would make more sense for a rhyme.

I use wifi to play online, and I've never had a problem with that..

Thanks, 171. I ramble on shit when I have trouble explaining something.

you're mom is right, if your grandparents are visiting, you should be visiting with them not playing a freakin computer game

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Honestly, he's just trying to get you to pay some attention to him, don't take grandparents for granted, they won't be around forever

DontClickOnMe 28

I couldn't agree more. Once, I was spending time with my step-grandmother and later her and my mom were talking so I went to my room and got on my computer and when she left, I didn't get to say bye to her. Next time I saw her was at the hospital. I can't believe how stupid I was back then. Sorry this was long, but seriously OP, spend as much time with them as you can.

I totally agree. Stop freaking about about your stupid computer game and spend some time with your family!

I think it sorta depends on how often OP's grandparents visit. If it's not often, then he should get off the damn computer and spend time with them before it's too late. But if they visit a lot, gaming while they're there isn't a big deal, IMO. My friend grandparents see their grandchildren a lot, so it's not exactly a big deal if they do their own thing for awhile. Not sure of the situation so I'm not gonna judge OP. But his grandpa wins. Sounds less like he was upset his grand kid was ignoring him and more like he was just trying to bug him for ***** and giggles.

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Yeah man, not even the best videogame ever is worth giving up time to spend with your grandparemts. All of mine are dead now, most I never got to meet, and I'm only 17. Don't waste the time you have with them.

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You and me both ^^ all mine died before I was born:( i would give anything to have a grandparent

You are mom is right? Why would he visit with them? He lives there already... what are you on about?

My kids knew by time they were really young grand parents come first. If they came to visit the games got put up. If we went to them entertainment things were left in the car. We saw my husbands parents at least twice a week and my mom once a week. Two years ago we lost my hubby's parents within two days of each other. Two weeks later we nearly lost my mom due to complications of a brain surgery. She has never been quite the same. My kids are 13 and 12. They say we should have spent more time with them. Your grandparents will be gone one day and you will regret not spending the time you have with them, all for a game that you will get tired of in a couple weeks anyway.

Oh 121 you are so young and spry. That cop out over used "cool story bro" line you gave me. Wow, to be in the midst of such creativity. Why are't you writing comedy screen plays. The writers today could never compete with you.

MissHayleyJames 7

What if you have crappy grandparents? I had one grandma I loved (that I actually played video games with) and I still have one I hate. She's a total bitch. There's no way in hell I'd go out of my way for her.

xk75 4

Agreed! And occupying the tv thats not the op's private bedroom tv? Double rude.

65 makes a valid point, for instance I lived with my grandmother full time for most of my childhood and early teens, so it was no big deal if I played videogames while she was home. I understand that op wasn't living with his grandparents seeing as they were "visiting", but we don't know what the situation was so we can't judge op.

Also, has anyone considered that op and his grandfather don't get along? Perhaps they just don't like each other. I have had distant relatives who are just adverse people, and they don't get along well with anyone.

Not every grandparent is somebody who you really can hang out with. They either dont get along or just arent very close. My grandma and i are both. At times i dont care if she comes to talk, but for the most part she talks for hours abouylt history. I quit hanging around her when she started trying to tell me my own opinions about things.

#121 Way to take a douchebag mirror picture and say the classic douchebag line. This renders any opinions or thoughts of yours invalid.

fantastamazing 10

Some people's grandparents are assholes. This kid should have been visiting with them, yes, but his parents should have told him that or his grandparents should have told him. Instead, his grandfather was a dick. A child being rude does not make it acceptable to be a dick.

Well, now you have to steal his girl to affirm your position as alpha male. Wait...

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At least you have a grandpa.. Even if he is a troll. Spend more time with the ones close to you, rather than some video games.

#13 is right. Your grandparents won't be around forever. So stay off the games when they visit next time!