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Today, I was at the store when I saw two extremely hot girls. I walked into their aisle and they looked at me and smiled. I stopped and pretended to look at something so I could listen to what they were saying. They started laughing and walked away. It turned out I was reading a box of tampons. FML
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You could've been like, "These are for your monthly gift, but I can be your nightly gift"


pingpongpickle 8

you still looking those up uni? :)

We'll call this plan... Preparation... H

triple p- haha no, that's the only one I remember so I felt like I should put that. it means crawling on the floor scaring the cat laughing my ass and other body parts off

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ooooh I thought it was just random letters so u could be first

Amazing how you though up the ancronym and still got first. I respect you.

smoooooth OP. But if you actually knew them it would be worse.

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7's right it could have been way worse.

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oh I thought you had a seizure or it was a real cow typing. all I could hear when I read it was opie from family guy (or whatever that dudes name is)

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maybe they were laughing at how ugly you are and they didn't even notice that you were pretend reading. if not ydi.

really not a fml it's more funny than a fml u shouldve grew some balls and talked to them dude lol

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Smooth. But lol OP, live without regrets man. If you talk to them, and they feelin' you, you win. If they burn you, you can easily just call sour grapes and blame it on their menstrual cycle... they WERE in the tampon aisle :P

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that's bloody brilliant that is, sure made your self look like a right nob ya did, try checking what aisle your in before you start arbitrarily reading boxes mate YDI

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haha nice! totally agree! :]

sonnet 0

20 what's up with ur hand?? scary.

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I could tell from the 1st sentence. YDI.

advent2060 4

bit racist much 127? not that I give a toss what you think tho. cheers mate you've made a right arse of yourself =P

ydi for trying to hear what they were saying

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I do believe 47 is fake as hell. correct me if I'm wrong.

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Ok look, there's a way to play out these awkward situations and here's how so you get it right next time, no need to thank me or anything just listen carefully. So you follow these two girls into the isle and end up reading a box of tampons, when they start laughing is your cue to say, "oh, I'm sorry ladies, I just thought that since one of you will be dating me now that it might be prudent to show you that I am responsible and willing to get you your feminine items when it is that time of the month."

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agreed with 127, @119, damn idiot... go have a conversation with your own and keep the English squabble off my screen

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what's all over your arms, that's should probably wash that off before someone mistakes you for a leopard. :) k thanks byeeee

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thx #152. and #154 alot of people think im fake but is it just because im a model and used one of the pics i modeled in that u think my pic is fake? cuz i dont see the dif between my pic and urs. i dont think ur fake.

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mine is roflshimpo. rolling on floor laughing so hard I might pass out.

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buying them for your sister is even worse than for your girlfriend.

today, my mom said I was being too lazy around the house, and told me to get groceries. on the list were tampons for my sister. not weird depending on how it was.. but OP was trying to be clever here :P

MudPuddleMica 0

Socially awkward penguin strikes again.

buying tampons for your sister is even creepier than stalking. I don't want to think of my sister in that time of the month, much less what kind of things to buy for it. ewww. *shudder*

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53 your picture is obviously fake. beautiful girls dont exist on the internet, let alone /b/

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See this was an opportunity.. you could have asked them to help you cuz your parents are deadbeats and you have to take care of your younger sister.

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nahh don't say there for ur sis since they laughed u shoulda been like. I think you need to add these to your list xD

if he wasn't talking to them in the first place then why would he randomly say 'it's for my sister!' all self defensive?! that'd just be cause for them to laugh more!

#123 Just because #53 is pretty doesn't mean her picture is fake... :/

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if you want to see a beutiful girl just look at 136 ;)

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...and then what happened??? come on, don't leave us hangin.....

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lmao well I believe we learned the lesson close attention to your surroundings and what you're picking up.

hahaha well maybe they thought you were curious.=]

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15, I admire your style. Haha you're going to think I'm a creep or something. I'm going to compliment your narwhal every time you comment.

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Did you figure out how to use them?

the other pic looked better though. it made u look smexy. 