By Z88 - 21/04/2010 20:29 - South Africa

Today, a customer came into the music shop I work in to look at guitars. After calling the customer "Dude," and "Man," numerous times, they stalked off suddenly. When I asked if everything was okay, they responded with, "I'm female, you asshole!" FML
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Girls can be dudes too. She's silly.

she just gets upset easily. she probably doesn't like her figure so she is offended easily


She just doesn't get it. Would she rather have had the guitar salesperson call her "ma'am"?

dude, that's not cool man you shouldve grabbed her tiny titties and been like, "oh sorry I didn't see those, you sure you're a girl?"

Well does Wayne Brady have to choke a bitch???

haha i watched this happen to my coworker.... i was trying to tell her. the lady was pissed beyond pissed. i tried so hard not to laugh

is it just me or was it hard to understand, I got it it's just the English is really bad

haha!!! that's funny!! could u imagine being this girl!! THAT would suck!!!

haha poor girl

Trannies are confusing ..

Yes!! I sure is.

yeah 32 i had to read it really slow a couple times haha

fyl dude I understand, I hate it when you can't tell if a person is a guy or girl. she deserves it for being so masculine. idk if I spelled that right :p

I agree with 38

49-you have perrty hair (:

"Today, the salesperson kept calling me "dude" and "man". I am a woman. FML"... I say F her life for looking so manly.

Thanks :) I probably work on my hair more than any other straight guy in the world

nice job *in a sarcastic tone*

32 I only saw one thing wrong op used the plural "they" istead of singular and it was easy to understand you're just dumb yes I called someone dumb without proofreading my post don't attack me unless you're hot girl and it's a sexual attack but even then I'd rather not be raped so nevermind run on sentences ftw!

"dude" and "man" are not terms that are indicative of sex or gender. ask any pothead. so after she freaked out, your response is, you must be cuz yo on the rag. then snap twice and spank your bottom as you walk away.

lol that's not a bad thing that you actually care about your hair, hahah

I agree with 68 but you "man" sounds like "mam" and dude .. You can call a girl dude :) Therefore , not a fml ..

no, the problem is people who go to a MUSIC STORE should expect to be called "dude or "man". the 3 musik stores in my city are the biggest metalheads ever. and thier awesome. they know thier shit wayyyyy better than some car dealer who would say " hello ma'am, may i interest you in this guitar? its 40% off!" no, i wanna hear this: "Dude, this guitar right here is the total shit. screams like a muthafucker, roars like a lion. its got 2 dual humbuckers from Fender, has a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, a floyd rose bridge, and has a real good elecronic set up. sure, its a little pricy, but it soo worth it." THARS WHART I WANNA HAR

68 that's fucking hilarious

lol I always do that no biggie! *cough PMS cough* lolz jk

u think some dude is sexy?

I call my mom dude when she yells at me. just to make her mad :)

I think some dude is sexy. Me.

Haha Sean... yeah it's her fault for having tiny titties... or a man voice like in the Chris FML today.

Well I think it's a good thing, but it's probably messing me up since I don't want to put gel in it because then it won't feel soft anymore. It's like really fine, people pet it alot XD

hahaha lol I love petting peoples hair

lol seanreddog you said "yes!! I sure is." after 39 said "trannies are confusing" lol btw there is a cat in your pic... shouldn't it be redcat then?

91/101 GET. A. ROOM!

103- (: hahahah

she deserves it 4 looking like a man

Woah yes I'm a cat tranny. I got neutered and then had to go in for a series of purrcedures when they converted my dick into a pussy.

I call chicks dude all the time... Or dudette... Also I'm sexiest here, sorry Sean.

Sean ftw, that's kinkyer

this thread Jack is very long release the craken Today somebody thread jacked my first comment FML

I agree, and I'm sorry but the whole "pms" thing needs to be banned from the list of valid excuses. it made me sympathetic the first like, 6000 times I heard it, but now it's just like, "no, your just a bitch"

tranny cats are kinkier? wow...

Inter-species erotica?

I also just realized that I hang out with way too many girls, *sigh* I guess you can't win

Nothing wrong with that, I hang out with more chicks than dudes... Mostly because I'm too lazy to really go and "approach" people to be friends, and when guys act like douche bags, I don't have any desire to talk to them.. And girls come up to me more than a guy would (for obvious reasons)... But my guy friends are usually "closer" on average.. Meh.

you try having raging bitch hormones fuck your mood up for a week every month, pearljammer. then tell me it's not a valid excuse. :/

I am the same way blue coconuts. haha agreedness win :) I feel a high five is in order...

hahaha exactly my point, I didn't say it doesn't suck, but it shouldn't be a free pass to bitch at everyone around you. I know girls who don't do it.

Bro fist, man.. Gotta fist bump it.

op I feel bad for you because that's embairessing( I don't know how to spell it) but that should be an fml for the girl and op next time take don't call them dude or. man

Brianna shut the fuck up plz u've posted on this fml like twenty times

yes cats are, they scratch and bite, and need to be caged..;)

You're right. it's not a free pass. and it's the bitches that DO use it as a free pass that fuck it up for the rest of us when we truly are having an off day. hell, I'm almost 7 months pregnant and I have to say I've kept my emotions in check for the most part. just a few weepy moments here and there :)

it's not here fault she looks like a guy she was born like that who know she could have been in a terribile gorilla accident and got surgery

hey, I can and do respect that

I don't need to get a room, I'm in one now =p Blue cocoanuts, I'm like exactly the same way, exept the reason I don't have many guy friends is that straight guys don't like me because they think I'm gay, and gay guys like me too much, so I avoid them

149, all girls are crazy. But if you're pregnant you actually get an excuse.. Whenever my wife is pregnant I'm pretty much going to do what she says without questioning the order because it's allowed... She carried my child for 9 months and pushes it out her vagina, she gets what she wants for the duration of that...

yah growing a person is pretty hard work ;) good for you for helping out you're wife! I'm a single mom so I respect men that actually help and support their ladies and children. I play mommy and daddy and work full time and run a household. I don't have time to go crazy lol

hahahaha took the words almost outta my mouth blue coconuts. so glad I never have to lug around a babies fat ass for nine months

I'm not married YET, I'm just speaking for in the future... Haley can get spoiled when she's carrying my baby. :P

45: Don't look now but Big Boy's checking out your rack.

I agree with 49

congradulations blue coconuts! but yeah idk about marrige, I don't have a place to say anything about it (cause I'm only 15) but I try to be as diplomatic as possible. but trust me, I HAVE been around plenty of pregnant women and pmsing chicks to figure that one out ;)

Thanks 79. In almost any other customer service or sales position, I'd say YDI for being unprofessional. But this is one of the few positions where you ought to be expected to talk that way.

woman are always bitchy no matter the time of month, just stay in the kitchen and keep working on those samich's.

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? trick question, feminists can't change anything! Why does every man need a woman? Because the dishes would get to piled up without one Why haven't they sent any women to the moon? Because it doesn't need cleaning yet Two reasons why a blonde can't drive: 1. she can't reach the steering wheel from the back seat. 2. she thinks the steering wheels a clothes rack How many women does it take to change a light bulb? 11 - 10 to form a committee and 1 to get her boyfriend to do it Why did the woman cross the road? That's not the point,what's she doing out of the kitchen? What's worse than a male chauvinistic pig? A women who won't do what she's told. why are womens feet so small? So they can stand closer to the stove What does a woman and carpet have in commen? if you lay them right the first time you can walk all over them later What do you do when the dish washer is broken? Slap her on the ass and tell her to get to work. Why did the woman cross the road? It doesnt matter, why was she out of the kitchen in the first place. what do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothin, you done told her twice.

193, men would seriously roll over and die if they didnt have a woman. They don't see dinner on the table and they hyperventalate. Not ALL men are like that. But apparently you are. :)

bobs big boy.... I love that place! girls cute too.

yeah, I still call all of my friends that are girls dude so wtf she's just a whiny baby

Aha! I have found Sir Spazalot, the new Knight for the round table. Coconuts migrate?

seriously dude, if all your going to do Is post sexist comments then leave, because I think we're ALL tired of hearing it, and I'm a guy! but really, it wasn't funny to begin with

ALSO this reminds me of the time Colin was intoxicated and I got him to believe we were pregnant :D

haha what's up story, mfmylife?

197- u want to be my woman? lol .... srry I couldn't resist saying that... u set urself up for that but I'm jking anyway

you cant NOT call someone man in africa haha

116, that's bs. he's holding an airsoftgun with a spraypainted/replaced external barrel in an incorrect and unreliable innacurate position, with the stock all the way down, which is supposed to be adjusted out, meaning he is just some fag with an Airsoft obsession and no real skills, and yes, I am a weaponary expert, so don't say shit.

shhh 216. no one cares (:

daphnizzle ur good looking :)

oops i meant 215.

lol pearl did you connect the dots on the coconuts migrate part?

......... Idk I think my brain needs sleep, *haunted by hundreds of blue penguins* wtf?

look up Monty python migrating coconuts on YouTube

215.... Ahahahahahahahaha, weapons expert eh? Please... Riddle me this then: 1- When shooting in urban combat, with a vest on do you know the position you should have your rifle? Up high on your shoulder and as tight as you can. If you have an M16, you're supposed to actually put it on TOP of your shoulder. 2- When moving house to house in Iraq, rooms are tiny, so you need to have the rifle compressed as much as possible. Although some people like to zero their rifles with their butt stock fully extended, a majority of us would patrol with them fully collapsed. Have you ever tired to clear a tiny little outside brick shitter with an M16? Of course not. Luckily I haven't either, but I have seen guys who have and they said it's a huge pain in the ass to keep your rifle up. Compact is better in MOUT. I never shot with my butt stock fully extended because I was able to keep it tight even with it collapsed. 3- When firing from a standing position, especially when you have little or no cover, you're supposed to square yourself with the target (because you have your plates in the front, makes the stronger), keep your elbows tucked, and the rifle high and tight. This gives you the most accurate position that still allows you to engage multiple targets, in rapid succession. 4- I've never played airsoft a day in my life, but as far as I know, airsoft people don't get IFAK's (Improved First Aid Kid), ACH's (Army Combat Helmet) with a Rhino Mount, and most importantly the IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest, a vest that the Army just started issuing ONLY to troops deploying at the end of 2007, and once you come back from deployment you give that shit right back to the next group going), and of course is decked out in full ACU's... But who knows. 5- You sound like you know as much about weapons as I do about quantum physics. And I'll give you a hint, I don't know anything about quantum physics. Shut it.

aww YouTube is fucked up... but I think I've seen it...

that's stupid no one would asuume u were calling her a guy just becaus u said Dude or man

215 just got destroyed

229- so is that a yes?

Nick I'm pretty sure I work on my hair atleast as much... your name is too close to mine!

231 haha I don't know you :)

215 is an uber fucktard how does that possibly look like an airsofting gun? and that's just the first part of his comment...

hope that's a beast iguana!

233- hey can't blame me for trying at least...I mean u r kinda cute....

Hailey knows me though :} back off peacemaker :P jk

wait soty which Haley? lol there's 2!!!

haily is mine!!! back off!!! *steals her*

236 haha well thx! And yep soty!! Were best friends :) haha

crap wasn't done, soty how many drinks did Colin have to do becuz of the bet u guys made huh?

Haha yeah... Me and Haley kindsa got a thing goin on.. Sorryyy :D haha

Doesn't matter because I don't share so you can't have her. And I had to do 9 shots, but I did double shots to add to it.

241- ur very welcome but I bet u get that alot anyway huh? Haley wait till I tell Colin or should I just throw u in ur grave now that I already made?

yeah, she is pretty cute :) and just for the record, I mean that as a compliment not in a creepy online way haha ;)

Colin!!! stop ruining my fun!!! :( lol

what's up Colin? oh we have a huge problem!!! I'm almost getting teamed up on!!!! help asap!!!

hey Colin what happened to rose huh? she vanished!!!!!

Colin is a jealous man, and hey Colin what would you be willing to bet Vikes DONT get Tebow? I know you don't think so, but hey :P

Agh I hate when my comments post at the bottom x.x

If I'm not sleeping with other girls, neither are you. I have no idea what happened to Rose. I can text her, but meh. Lazy. And I'm willing to bet a fifth of rum they don't get Tebow. If they do I'll chug that shit.

I'm related to Tim Tebow!!! :D

Poor, poor Hailey :( Colin, I got myself all hyped thinking we could actually get a QB this year (only 6 QBs all time in first three rounds ever for Vikings) I know I'm going to be disappointed :(

Colin u are lazy

Lol why poor me??

260- You lie! Tebow ain't a Ginger :P be back in like half an hour

Wait Haley, what? Are you serious? Why are you just now telling me this? Also, don't count on them grabbing a QB at all. They're banking on Farve coming back, they say they're not, but they are. If they take a QB he's less likely to come back, they know that. Tebow will be holding a clipboard watching Brady mark my words. And I'm lazy?? Why?

lol soty that's a great fact

Your comments post at the bottem, like the rest of us :P o wait, you talking like on where you try to respond and it has antiflood and you forget to re-reply and you post a new comment? that is so annoying -.-

Vikings sucks!!! all about the chiefs!!!! lol yea rite they're doing horrible even more than the raiders!!! and that's sad!!!! but my uncle likes the vikings so yea I go against them haha

I'm from south Africa

Colin you talking about my 263 comment? grr I was about to go play my new fight night game but you guys kept me here cuz I keep replying :[

o sorry, you edited it now I look like a dumbass thx colin :P

you should have said to her that it's not ur fault that she looks like a man

lol Colin srry I didn't finish I meant to put: Colin you're lazy? don't see how that can be true..

Ohhhh yeah, I am when it comes to talking to girls I don't have any interest in being with... Which is why I pretty much only go out of my way to talk to Haley. Everyone else can come to me, or I don't care.

Yes soty thats what I mean haha

oh so u r lazy Colin? some marine u are!!!! ur a complete embarrassment!!! I'm kidding I'm kidding plz plz don't hunt me down and kill me!!!!!!

STOY, I tried Fight Night but was horrible at it.. I pretty much just play Madden or Assassins Creed. Because I like football and sneaking around just taking people out.. But I'm bored with them I want Madden 11 so I can get my new roster, and go undefeated and feel better about our season. :( Also, not a Marine man... ;) And again, it's only because Haley is a special case. Otherwise people usually talk to me, because I don't care enough to go to them. I'm just a wanted guy I guess. :P

yea sorry I forgot ur part of army....*comes out of bunker* so ur not going to kill me? damnit..... lol

I can, but it's kinda a pain in the ass to hunt you down and I don't need to yet. Now if you give me a reason maybe, but you'd have to really piss me off. lol

looks around a bit* WTF? where'd everyone go?!! there was 6-7 of us but now only 2-3 of

lol *thinks* "mmmm.. piss Colin off or not?.... what to decide what to decide... dam... that's a tough one..."

60- i wouldnt count on it buddy!! haha thats me. lol

^ no ur both just gay

this is the matrix

when your drunk,never rip you router out of the wall and yell "I've defeated the matrix."

stoopid people ftw ;3 look for the flaw trolls

lol Colin, i'm undefeated with 8 out of 9 of my fights being KO's They is bloody messes now Going to bed

Haha, I know what you mean. I use Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair+beard; brush my hair and comb my beard and hair everyday xD

fyl op, sometimes its just hard to tell. and holy fucking horse dick, 29- your head is just so ginormous or like oddly shaped. idk what it is but it trips me out. makes me wanna plant my baby arm right in your suck hole. please change your pic to something where u dont look like u're going to eat my face in order to further grow yours

Well you probably shouldn't call a customer "dude" or "man" anyways. It's not very professional :/

I call people dude and man all the time regardless if they're male or female...?


Hey 60, you're a fucking faggot

#32 obviously you can't speak English very well either

212 lucky it wasn't Africa then eh?

@215 I don't really converse w/ Blue_Coconuts (no issues, just never came up), but looking at the pic, when you enlarge it, there's lots of shit back there. It doesn't look like he's in his backyard holding an airsoft gun. If that is an airsoft gun then he's one rich MF that can affort all that other shit he's got on. True that I don't know squat about the forces, but I've been around guns enough and that stuff looks pretty authentic to me. I'm not sure what the point of ripping someone up based on their pic is but perhaps you should lighten up.

...OP used perfect English. No offense, but it's just you lol.

beware the trannies of the world. their race is rising

daphnizzle, ur super hot

sounds more like FHL..

Is that Febreeze pointed at your vagina?

lmfao Sean I kno right

Febreeze makes everything better. :)

it does? maybe it will cure this pink eye! *picks up bottle and sprays in eye* "OH F*CK, THAT SH*T BURNS!"

kind of reminds me of that 'fail' pic where the chick was trying to take a sexy picture of herself in the bathroom--but there was a giant shit unflushed in the toilet behind her :/

I'm sorry but that comment was hilarious! lmfao there's the link to the pic. enjoy :)

hahaha thnx :) but I'm on an iPod, so I don't know if it'll work :( *sigh*

febreeze makes everything better

didn't make my eye better

no, I don't really have pink eye, just for the record :)

and btw, good luck with your kids epoh ;)

I bet the poop in the background just made it sexier for the 2 girls 1 cup girls. I don't think the febreeze thing is that bad, more like just an lol. She still looks pretty hot.

Anyways I don't think it is Febreeze now that i look closer.

how the fuck did #2 get all the way down here?

Freeze breeze... free breeze... frub ruhz.... foob ryes.... screw it, I'll hurt myself

sucks to be you

14/56 looks a little like mclovin from Superbad lol

Woah bro woah...

Thanks. I didn't wanna be a dick but I've been thinking that for awhile.

3 1/2 pages of people having conversations.. go to chatroom, ur shit doesn't belong here


Girls can be dudes too. She's silly.

Yah exactly..she's taking life way to serious to get pissed at something like this .

that sucks!!! FYL

All my friends say "dude" or "hey, guys" no matter who they're talking to.

oogyboogy 6

if your talking about 72 then I afree

u that dumb damn

*Are you that dumb?

she just gets upset easily. she probably doesn't like her figure so she is offended easily

=S it's her fault for looking like a guy. So FYL