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By Marcowalker95 - 07/08/2012 04:16 - United States - Panorama City

Today, I was at a gas station when the cash register made a sound effect similar to one from Sonic the Hedgehog, and I pointed this out. The cashier then saw fit to go on a rant about how I need to stop focusing on video games, and get a life and a girlfriend. FML
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Nymphetamatrix 19

Don't take that kind of advice from a cashier at a gas station.


The cashier is one to judge. I bet their life is worse than yours if they are working full time at a gas station...

Why can sonic be a touchy subject? I used to love that show. I haven't seen it on in many, many, many years. So many good shows have been replaced by crap now.

yomamaOo 2

Hey you douche working in a gas station is a respectable and honorable profession

Not that respectable and honorable that you can disrespect others for making nerdy references...

Or scrubbing toilets... That is never an honorable job nor respectable.

Don't know where that cashier's talking about, Sonic is awesome! :D

33- What is so not honorable or respectable about scrubbing toilets? At least they are making an effort to earn money the honest way. Some people just did not have the same opportunities as the rest. I never look down on the lady who cleans the restrooms at my work building. She's got a family to feed like many of us.

krylonpony 3

I think the cashier is referencing to the terrible sonic games swag is making for a used to be good franchise. Sonic adventure games were a legacy. Also, you claim bronies are disgusting for making r34 art for ponies. Think of 2 ft hedgehogs doing' it along with a fat human shaped like an egg, a bat, and something called an Echidna?! Oh, and don't forget chao's.

Who the hell wouldn't know Sonic? Also, video games are fun. I feel sorry for those who don't play them.

BiChelsea 6

My fish died while I was playing sonic.. And his name was tails. I think im shedding a tear

^ Aww :'( May he rest in peace. Tails has always been my favourite. I had a crush on him when I was six(Yes, that's kind of sad) so even today I will always be proud to say that he's my favourite. :3

You took the words right out of my mouth! A job is a job! No matter how dirty it is, you must've responsibility to keep it.

I know of one in Moraga CA that does this. It's the ring sound. I mentioned sonic too but the guys that run this station were Mexican and cocked their heads at me and were like , "who?" Haha

Nymphetamatrix 19

Don't take that kind of advice from a cashier at a gas station.

Now that's (^) good advice right there. Just because you know what sonic sounds like doesn't mean you have no life. I have a good life and I know everything about Niko Bellic, (GTAIV).

Damn, FHL for having the social skills of.... an asshole.

Don't take any advice from a cashier at a gas station.

Don't take advice from gas station cashiers, but then pay them in pennies :)

60 and 68, you both basically said what 2 said, save the line about pennies.

ChadHelton 8

return whatever you bought, tell his manager why he lost a sale

user324234324 1

Yeah I've noticed that too! When they scan an item at Speedway, it sounds like Sonic picking up a ring!

Trix_Disorder 20

I've noticed this too. Wonder if cashiers get tired of hearing this from nerdy patrons.

jjames7543 13

Reading the first sentence of this FML made me smile because I always thought that I was the only one to ever pick up on that sound :)

My local BP has a register that makes that sound also. I guess I probably wasn't the only one to point it out,

The cashier's right. Find a Sonic the Hedgehog video game playing girlfriend!

I play Sonic! After I while, I pass out though. I have Sonic the Werehog on Xbox and the graphics make me dizzy.

Slender_Man 6

85- pfffff! I used to have it on Sega Genisis. Then my asshole brother spilt water on it. Now I have no more Sonic.

Your_Nightmares 10

How rude! For all he knows you could have both!!

The_F3rris 11

Right? Me and my bf play video games together. There is still some sexism that says girls dont game I guess. Its stupid.

That's such a stupid myth saying girls can't play video games. I'm a girl and I love them, ESPECIALLY Sonic The Hedgehog!

Should've reminded them that they work at a convenience store and that they should've focused on being more successful.

sounds like he may be on the verge of a breakdown

He may be speaking from experience and doesn't want you to follow down that path! But really it's none of his business and you shouldn't take it to heart. He may just be a miserable fellow who puts others down to make himself better!

I bet he'll shut up when you show him all your rings!

For all he knows, your girlfriend could be the one playing the video games! "Oh honey, could you get me the controller please? I've almost got 1000 rings!"

Snackycake 20

What?I'm sorry but your comment makes no ******* sense.

I thought it made sense. He was saying that OP may know how the Sonic rings sound because OP's girlfriend was the one playing Sonic. That is, assuming OP has a girlfriend.