By Anonymous / Saturday 27 November 2010 15:32 / Canada
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  tweetbaby14  |  17

no, 106, it's just something that some people, like myself, do. it's another one of those things that's done to make us females( rarely males) look better. ugly people are like an accessory to the more fashionable/ beautiful.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

I like my attitude just the way it is and I don't ever plan on changing for your approval. don't like what I have to say? then go back to fantasy land. not that hard to go back to living the sheltered life.
also don't try and pretend like I'm the only person that does that. you probably know of others that do the same. I'm selfish my friends know that.

  stephanie0613  |  0

hahah I agree with everyone else 113 needs to shut the hell up. I bet she is the ugly one in her group that's the only reason people would hang out with someone as rude and obnoxious as her just to make themselves look better, and I don't understand how 124 is in fantasy land. You are just a bitch.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

it's cute how when I say something a bunch of people gang up on me and tell me I'm a bitch that needs to shut up. then it's even more cute how people call me ugly when I just stated that I do have some ugly friends that I hang out with. this is how I act for my own reasons; if you do not like it, that's tough. calling me a bitch and telling me to shut up does not phase me either; I've been called much worse and told I'm things that I'm not by people I see everyday.

  mysticwater  |  0

"ugly people you hang out with" that you consider fashion accessories? and you're whining that everyone is ganging up on you?
maybe change your attitude and treat people as humans instead of objects to use to your benefit.

I'm sure OPs friends hang out with her for a reason; like she's a good person/friend?
to even consider someone useable or of materialistic value to make yourself feel better is pathetic and deplorable

makes me feel sad for your "friends".