By a little less poor at least - 21/04/2013 16:03 - United States - Cleveland

Today, I was trying sell a customer a top-of-the-line surround sound system. Apparently he was aware that I work on commission, as he threatened to buy the system elsewhere unless I sang Rebecca Black's "Friday" in front of the whole store. Goodbye, self-respect. FML
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Someone has mastered the art of trolling, I see.

Dallyni 22

Man nothing is worth that suffering!


Dallyni 22

Man nothing is worth that suffering!

wlddog 14

Its amazing what people would do to made a buck. At least you were not asked to remove clothing.

@18 which seems to be truer in this FML? the fact that people will do anything for money, or the fact that people need to do anything they can to sustain themselves? working on commission isn't exactly considered "stable."

wlddog 14

Nothing better describes the human nature better than adapting and overcoming an obstacle. There is always a way to better yourself. Just gotta have the heart to try.

itskentoo 5

Nothing at all. I'd rather rip out my vocal chords.

rg350dx 29

You should've convinced the buyer to purchase the system with its hi-fi quality and quads per channel

rg350dx 29

Guess no one's seen boogie nights.

"You don't know me! You don't know what I'm gonna do! Who I'm gonna be!"

groovycrazyjoe 18

tell him you don't know the lyrics or make it a sang alone

Someone has mastered the art of trolling, I see.

Damn, that guy is truly a master of trolling, I could not think of another song that's worse than that one on top of my head. Only thing I can think of is Will Smith's daughter's "whip my hair", which is equally ******* annoying. My question is, how did OP pull it off... I don't know which one is more embarrassing, singing that song in public or running butt naked through busy street..

At least you still have your Pride and Dignity

lhazz11 23

Eh, pretty sure OP lost those too.

No! You should have fun with it like you want to do it! Maybe he'll tip you too!

perdix 29

The customer's always right, . . . even when said customer is a douche! Hopefully, the commission will buy enough Jack to drown your humiliation.

7am waking up in the morning ultra bad hangover?

olpally 32

**** that, I would never sing that song for a customer. I'd rather get fired before singing that shitty song. Lol.

I can honestly say I have never heard that song. Usually my curiosity causes me to occasionally delve into pop culture but the comments on this have saved me. If it truly is that bad, thank you all.

16 - I can also say that I've never heard the song. Usually when people start singing it in front of me I plug my ears and yell "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" as loud as I can, because I've heard some pretty awful reviews about that song.

shaww 28

It's actually pretty good. I recommend listening to it. Loud.

19, on behalf of all the people you Jedi mind tricked into listening to this song, **** you. You owe me a new phone, as I threw mine off my ninth floor balcony thirteen seconds into it. Thanks.

I hate to admit it...but I actually think it's a pretty catchy song compared to most of the crap on the radio. :O

@50, thus why I don't listen to the radio. I don't actually listen to any bands that are on the radio so I have to use my phone if I want decent music. Also, I've heard "Friday" on the radio, when it first came out.