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Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend why period blood couldn't be saved and donated to the hospital for transplants. FML
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beccaishereyay 11

What the **** are you talking about?

You're clearly not as educated as you think you are because it's definitely not just a tablespoon per cycle. It probably varies from person to person, but can definitely be more than a tablespoon. Not to be gross, but there are times when I sit on the toilet and can literally feel it just drain out, and it's a hell of a lot more than a tablespoon. Make sure you're properly educated on the topic before you give out incorrect information.


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beccaishereyay 11

What the **** are you talking about?

Your comment makes no ******* sense.

thejewishfuhrer 17

Arghhh my iq levels just dropped.

Ughm, I don't think any woman would enjoy having their period last longer than it already would.

I think what 1 is implying is that the hospital would implant ones period blood into a "crazy bitch's" body to make her have her period more. Oh, the things people think about.

Aug1508 9

I think she meant to say that a person must be crazy to want to donate their blood since you might have to have your period for longer Just to have enough blood to donate.

Hmm, actually 58, I don't think that is what they meant at all. Your comment made as little sense as the first one.

ladybuggirl1234 3

my cousin wanted hers for like 2 years . i know what they are talking about. its weird

Mr. i_wuz_never_here, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this website is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

LO388 7

95 - Awesome reference. My faith in our youth is restored.

I make comments like that all the time and i dont have Dain Bramage.

Sparks808 10

1 - I wish you "was never here" and that we didn't all feel stupider for having read your comment. Thanks tons.

OhDearBetrayal 25

In the same vein, why not donate spit to those with dry mouth?

free2speak 14

Lol but on the serious side though, the blood is clean until it exits the uterus. If there was some device to capture the blood as it sloughs off but even then, the low yield isn't really worth it in the end. Plus, there are a lot of dead skin cells in it so it wouldn't really help.

Marcella1016 31

Ugh 40 if somehow that actually became possible, I'd never use it even if my life depended on it. Literally, I'd die before I let a blood transfusion turn me into someone's giant tampon...

Well period "blood" isn't even blood.. It's dead tissue... It just looks like blood but doesn't smell or have the same consistency as blood

hisgirlherboy 5

Actually you do bleed when you have your period. The blood is what carries the dead tissue. Kind of like a river... *shudders*

But it is not all blood... People think its straight up blood, and believe me. I would know. Coming from a girl that is very well dedicated to health class and biology

He just cares about other people I guess :) but FYL op

3, He probably does care about people but I'm guessing he might have been under the influence lol.

It turns out a lot of younger, or uneducated (about the subject) tend to think it's just normal blood, when in reality, it's only a table spoon for your whole cycle. Sorry if I grossed anyone out..

I'm pretty sure i have awakened with a tablespoons worth on a heavy day, so it's more like a quarter cup. The Egg actually gets bigger when it's ready to pop.

are you serious? pretty crazy how i'm a chick & assumed it way waaaay more. :/ way to go health classes!

You're clearly not as educated as you think you are because it's definitely not just a tablespoon per cycle. It probably varies from person to person, but can definitely be more than a tablespoon. Not to be gross, but there are times when I sit on the toilet and can literally feel it just drain out, and it's a hell of a lot more than a tablespoon. Make sure you're properly educated on the topic before you give out incorrect information.

There is no "popping" of the egg. The egg isn't even visible to the eye.

Most of it is tissue that forms, incase you were to get a fertilized egg, so it may seem as if there is lots because trust me, I know, but what I've learned in health class is a table spoon, but I assume that's not completely accurate for everyone, it can vary.

#23 - what #4 is probably referring to is the amount of actual blood in your cycle. The medical estimate is actually a tablespoon of blood per cycle, although this can vary a little per person. Most of the "period blood" is actually tissue and other fluids; there is very little actual blood in your cycle regardless of how heavy or light your flow.

You forget that it isn't even blood too, it's tissue. It's not bleeding, it's the lining of the uterus shedding. So calling it blood is wrong. Obviously there is blood mixed in there but a majority is the uterus' lining.

What I was trying to say came out better in 32 and 35's words, sorry for causing confusion.

Eila1996 5

Well I was taught that it was half a cup per cycle!

free2speak 14

#4, I can understand why you would think that. A lot of magazines, incorrectly, mention that but *gross part starts here* the first two days of my cycle, I soak through at least 2 super+ tampons. Maybe a teaspoon a day for those with a lighter flow, but for me, its more like 1/4 of a cup over the entire cycle on the minimum. Sorry if I grossed anyone out but I assume all of us are mature here.

Im going to clarify my first comment: I didn't mean that the only amount of substance that comes out during a cycle is 1 table spoon, but that is the amount of blood. There are, like other commenters said other liquids, and vaginal tissue. This being said it may seem as if there is gallons of blood coming out while on your period, it's not exactly blood, mostly tissue.

It can vary a lot! I have pcos and because of it I've always had really heavy periods. Tmi here but I used to wear an over night pad and another one across the back of my undies ( form a T shape) and a super absorb tampon and would still bleed through all that mid way through the night. Thank god after treating my pcos they arnt that heavy. But I can garuntee some of us girls bleed way more than a spoon! I used be anemic and sick during my periods cause I bled so much.

I know, I bleed more than a spoon, for sure, but most of what is "bleeding" is not a lot of actual blood it contains other things, that can still be very heavy and bleed right through a pad. The reason for this is every cycle, a coating of tissue builds up on the walls on the uterus to prepare a place for a fertilized egg to receive nutrients in its first stages. So your period is when the egg is not fertilized, resulting in no need for the tissue, so along with the egg, and a bit of blood it leaves your body.

kut17 11

This is good to know. Next time a woman says "You try bleeding for three days and not be cranky", I can just say "lulz, you're only bleeding, like, a few tablespoons."

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

I really shouldn't be reading these comments while eating , but this tomato soup is just so delicious!

AClassActx3 7

I dont care what professionals say. Its way more than a teaspoon, table spoon or any spoon! Smh.. & no one should be grossed out, its health & if you are, you're probably too young or immature.

floopyflooper 2

49 is right. That's why it's actually called "menstrual fluid." there is a small amount of blood. A period is for shedding the lining of the uterus since there isn't a baby to use it. So you can imagine there is more of the lining than blood. My god people don't like to read, do they?

cherry72 13

I had pcos and had the same problem as u (waaaayyyyy more than a teaspoon...that actually makes me laugh and sad @ same time) I would go 3 months on heavy and get anemic and They had to do an endometrial ablation and then full hysterectomy :(

looloothing 9

Well now. This was the most educational FML ever.

Im sure most people with the heavier flows lose much more than a tablespoon. I don't have pcos but I lose enough blood that my iron levels drop to levels that make it hard to sit, stand, and walk. I even have trouble moving my arm just to eat because of the low iron. :/

Saryrr 3

These are the times I'm glad I'm a guy.

Once again, it is not that only a table spoon comes out, that's the amount of blood. This blood is accompanied by tissue which makes up most of the two cups you mentioned. I'm starting to think people aren't reading the whole comment thread and ignoring what I've been trying to say.

tarrie33 2

A single tampon holds twice that amount or more. Well mine do. The tissue that does come out doesn't soak into the tampon, it stays on the outside and looks like clots. So the whole bleeding a tbsp is a crock. Every woman's period is different. Doesn't take a genius to know there is more blood than a tbsp. be the gross person saves as much blood as u can and measure it. You'll be surprised about how little tissue does come out vs blood. This is a dumb thing to debate over. Us girls can tell u it's more blood than a tbsp with out measuring it. Well the smart ones can lol

Oh my... This is just embarrassing. DO YOU PEOPLE NOT READ??? And some of you are just being so obstinate about this whole deal that I want to tear my ovaries out! IT HAS BEEN MENTIONED MULTIPLE TIMES that menstrual fluid isn't ONLY BLOOD AND TISSUE. There are OTHER FLUIDS PRESENT AS WELL. Please, please do your research. Yes, the amount of blood can vary. Yes, there is tissue in with the blood. But do NOT selectively ignore that there are other fluids, too! ****, I'm on my period RIGHT NOW and reading this is seriously pissing me off! BUT HEY AT LEAST I TOOK THE TIME TO READ IT ALL UNLIKE SOME OF YOU IGNORAMUSES.

Id jus like to say, as a guy, im so glad i dont bleed every month :p yuck. Although its all gross to think about when my girlfriend complains about it. Its actually better to think of it as all blood then a bloody tissue mixture that consists of your deteriorating uterus wall. Ewww

Apparently the week off of birth control pills contain iron (at least in the ones my friend uses. Do you take the week off ones?

The eggs grow in follicles which "pop" when the egg gets released into the Fallopian tube. That doesn't make the popping comment make sense, but eggs do "pop." At least, that's what I've been told and shown videos of anyways. The human body is truly terrifying.

I'm on my period too, thank you for telling them for me. Some people are too lazy to use their ******* eyes.

jew_lala 11

The human egg is actually quiet large and is considered the one of largest cells since you can see it with the naked eye and yes if you decided to go through the remains of your cycle you'll find your egg (yum)

No that's disgusting. I would rather die considering where it came from and it's not just blood.

#82: Good to know you hate women's bodies that much. I hope for your sake that you never have a sexual relationship with a woman.

I'm a girl and I wouldn't want menstrual fluid in my system either... Dead tissue, and other fluids, from a uterus? No thank you. Doesn't mean I would rather die though.

Meanwhile, Edward in Twilight: "Hmm, this gives me an idea."

Bella: Hey, I'm changing tampons. Would you like some tea, Ed?

SystemofaBlink41 27

I shall never forget this image, and for that I hate you solanum.

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redhedsaysrawr 18

Stephanie Meyer actually commented about that: she said because its not the same type of blood that comes from the heart, its coming from her ******, this means hes not "hungry" for it...

No it can't, because it lasts for a short period...

And it really isn't even blood. The lining of your uterus is shedding. It's like a self-cleaning oven.

Because it contains tissue from the vaginal walls

Why is that a problem though? Why not filter it out?

Do you want eggs in your blood or something?

Plus you only really have a few teaspoons of actual blood so unless you got it from a million people it wouldn't be worth it

ericathealien 7

You can donate breastmilk, why not period blood? Good luck trying to collect and separate it from the uterine tissue though.

That's so sweet of him to want to do that!! But period blood is just gross :-/ Maybe he can find another use for it lol. Like for those crazy ladies that actually cook placentas and eat them O.O

ericathealien 7

There's some rhyme and reason for consuming the placenta. Some doolas will dry and put it in gel capsules (pills) for the mom to take. It helps balance hormones and acts like an iron supplement after the blood loss of childbirth.