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Today, I was called by a restricted number. The man on the phone then explained to me in detail what I was doing at every second that I was on the phone with him. I'm scared to leave my house. FML
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babyyninjas 1

he knows what you did last summer !


BeastNerd 3
babyyninjas 1

he knows what you did last summer !

I know what you're doing right this very second.

babyyninjas 1

Well then stop doing the dishes, eating breakfast and taking showers and do something about it!

Anyone think of Eagle Eye when they read this?

Awesome_Guy2468 0

No the other thing you did last summer! Like what he said in scary movie 2

xalerion 0

It doesnt count if what hes describing is you on the phone.... Ops these days....

He's probably in your house... Be afraid

I like how op added that the creeper knew they were talking to each other...who else would op be talking to on the phone?

#144 No dumbass, OP said the caller knew what she was doing every second WHILE they were on the phone together. Learn to read properly.

ImFrackinBored 13

You SHOULD leave your house, as he can obviously see you. Grab your keys and run quickly to your car, after calling the police and explaining the situation. They may tell you to stay where you are, but it's ultimately up to you. He may have hidden cameras set up in your house.

Did anyone but me even notice that this was a movie reference?

I quite enjoy the fact that were all telling Op to call the police. It's like we believe this is real l time haha :)

This FML is overused. Be original and don't take movie scenes and post them here. This website is serious business.

ChronicBluntz420 7

What's your favorite scary movie?

It's definitely a Russian spy satellite! They got bored.

ThaBeasty01 5

whats your favorite scary movie ?

FunwithBumperCar 0

I know what you are doing. You are breathing, you are reading this very post you are looking at the fml website. Ohhh creepy

neonblue120 6

50 - From the past of the future...ooOOooo00oo

Or is the past a mere reflection of our future

"The caller is coming from inside the house."

When a stranger calls? I love that movie!

hawaiianfire 0

No no no, now thats not a proper top 5 comment for FML users. You have to somehow relate your life to these FML's so that you can share your personal life over the Internet. It's kind of like self therapy. Here's some examples. Example number 1- omg I had this happen to me too, but it turned out to be my boyfriend playing a trick on me! I was so scared though! Example number 2- Stalkers are scary, this one time I was walking home from school and this guy kept following me. My friend told me I should call the police to catch the guy. They never did though! You get the point. Now delete your comment because it is pointless. OP is ok, well at least ok enough to think about FML in her time of crisis. Plus even if people agree with your conclusion, do you think you can leave space for truly interesting comments?

neonblue120 6

49 - He's number six. Evrerything else TL:DR

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I'm simply stating that people can come up with better more interesting topics of conversation then call 911. I mean we all know that is a no brainer. 6 can come up with a better comment. TL:DR? Is that supposed to be too late dont read?

hawaiianfire 0

Ahh you see a good portion of the rambling on was supposed to be somewhat ironic and sarcastic. But I guess you didn't look into it.

I didnt find it ironic nor sarcastic or with any other kind of humour for that matter, so hawaiianfire would you do yourself a favor and stop posting pointless comments you're just embarrasing yourself trying to sound smart when you clearly have no idea of what you're saying

Wow, 49. Reading your little essay was a complete waste of time.

drawmesunshine 17

Good lord, who shat in hawaiianfire's Froot Loops this morning?

Hawaiianfire is a troll. Leave him be. He just wants attention to make up for other lacking things. For example: his lack of brain development, his tiny penis, his incredibly lonely life, his overweight body, etc.

Sorry, guys. I shat in hawaiin's froot loops.

No one looked into it because no one bothered to read it.

OP just kill yourself. Makes life easier

hawaiianfire 0

Lolman is OP's culprit. Just look at how much he found out about my life :O. He must be stalking me!

hawaiianfire 0

Ok let me summarize for you. People post stuff about their personal life here to make them feel better. Other people take that away when they try to latch on to it. #6 wrote leave the house and call the cops but we all know that by the time his FML got moderated it would be too late.

Hawainfire. You just dissed your self idiot. Get a life.

Seriously I would be afraid to be in the house since he probably in the house with you

Get buried, and stay buried, Hawaiianfire.

lol I'm pretty sure that at this point even if hawaiianfire posted the most kickass comment ever he would still get buried

Mister_Triangle 21

6-Could not have said it better myself

All of you are bottom feeders. You all hated on Hawaiianfire, just to get your own small portion of satisfaction. Thumb me down, but please people: Originality is your friend!

babyyninjas 1

yeah right bullshit who want to stalk you? haha

Your house isn't going to save you from someone that creepy or disturbed. Phone the police and ask for someone to come down and take a look And track the number.

They'd probably be gone by the time the police got there... And it's restricted, meaning there is no number to be traced. It's not like you can call a provider and ask them to trace a number that you don't know.

They can trace the call itself...they don't need the number.

Police. And barricade yourself in a room while you're at it.

Was that single word "police" supposed to make sense?

ewputthataway 0

could it be your neighbors playing a joke?

uFayel 6

That would be a horrible joke.