By Anonymous - 26/05/2010 18:03 - Canada

Today, I went into a music store to look into getting a new guitar. I picked up one that I was interested in and tried it out quietly. A sales representative approached me and asked me to "stop the noise and leave the guitars for serious customers." I've been playing for almost ten years. FML
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Maybe he thought that all you were gonna do was just play with them and not actually buy anything? Haha always gotta think on the bright side.


gingernator 0

no one gives a flying crap if youre first

sharpl916 0

I give a crap if you're first! however I don't give a crap how long the ops played they shoulda realized they had no natural skill and got over it 9 3/4 years ago.

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well that's her ******* opinion, she's a jackass dude don't listen to that bitch. ----<@ I thought you felt bad still so I'm giveing you a rose

MollyCookies 0

Ahaa ohh yea your right that makes no sense.

rohosoccer08 1

they have no right to speak to customers like that!

wow, another musician like me. Fortunently Ive never had that happen. If you keep practicing you could go back and knock that bitch off her fuckng feet! no one talks to a true muscician like that! Practicing pays off. Trust the person who's made hundreds, not thousands(yet), off music. god I wish he would come back and read this, I really feel for this guy...

this doesn't mean they r bad at guitar op was probably just testing it to hear the sound as opposed to trying to play a super hard song

she probably wasn't saying u sucked at playing. she prob was just saying to stop screwing around, buy the guitar or get out....?

stuff eruption, play some ygnwie malmsteem (y)

*yngwie - my iPods literally lagging :(

Perhaps you actually aren't that good? just sayin.

TurboTalon 0

Go to Guitar Center and get a room. It is so sweet!

Were you playing Smoke on the Water or Stairway to Heaven? Cause that pisses me off when newbs do that thinking they're showing off...

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apperently you haven't been playing very well in those 10 Years. 3: poor you

chlorinegreen 27

**pulls out credit card** what's that credit card?... Awe I know we wanted to buy a really nice expensive guitar from this store but that mean man said to stop touching. We'll just go to their biggest competitor and buy things from them from now on. **walks out of store** don't let people treat you that way. Especially a rude employee.

lizzilla8297 2

"almost ten years" = a week. :)

No. Csuse my friend played for ten years. Then he found out he sucked at it and beat up a homeless guy with a lead *****. I find that to be a good and productive way to rechannel your energy.

vrock 0

Today, while begging for spare change some psyco kid came up to me and beat me with an iron dilldo. FML

^^^ XD^^^ and yes, an iron ***** is a perfect way to transmit energy. I wonder how he got it... :/

id let you beat me with an iron ***** vrock i bet your really sexy

67: He lifted off the Electrified Tinman, obviously.

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haha hating cuz u can't do shit u untalented. and to the person posting this u got my respect cause half the people at the store don't even know how to hold a guitar properly. I'm with you cause I'm a guitarist myself =]

MonsterDyrdek 0

and again that was to 16 the lizzia or whatever her name is.

that sucks. even the employees underestimate u. fyl

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

well when he makes his band and the dude is cheering at his concerts he cn tell him to stop the cheering and leave that to the real fans

theChupacabras 0

or cowbell. I've been playing the cowbell for 20 years.

doink 0

There's no such thing as too much cowbell.

Or he can just be the sound check!!! 

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell

vrock 0

50 you totally bombed that joke

65 they were both repeating quotes from an SNL skit with will ferrel and Christopher walkin. very funny btw. that's one of my favorite skits

50= leave the jokingreferencing to the serious funny people

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Maybe he thought that all you were gonna do was just play with them and not actually buy anything? Haha always gotta think on the bright side.

How dare they say that! Burn the store in tribute to guitar players!!

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but grab me one first would you? a Les Paul works for me

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As cliche as it is, I think the Fender Stratocaster is the sexiest guitar. However, Jimmy Page makes the Les Paul very sexy.

<<< i have an epiphone les paul haha. its a beasty lil guitar. would much rather play a sexy genuine gibson les paul tho

i have a genuine fretless wonder and the original les Paul custom

i've got a fretless wonder for ya... its in my pants

vrock 0

52 I just died to death rotflmao

Grab me a dave mustaine signature v (angel of deth) and an alexi laiho custom and ill be happy

I've got 4 guitars, but my best ine by far that makes all other guitars obsolete is my signature Rusty Cooley Dean RC7, ofcourse the one made in the USA with the custom graphics and inlays.

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Sexual play doesn't count. In fact, if you were using my guitars for that, I'd ask you to leave, too.

Did you complain to management? I also hope that you didn't buy a guitar from that shop. A serious musician does not always have a certain appearance. Sales reps are supposed to make sales... right?