By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I went into a music store to look into getting a new guitar. I picked up one that I was interested in and tried it out quietly. A sales representative approached me and asked me to "stop the noise and leave the guitars for serious customers." I've been playing for almost ten years. FML
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  seanreddog  |  4

I give a crap if you're first! however I don't give a crap how long the ops played they shoulda realized they had no natural skill and got over it 9 3/4 years ago.

  00yoda4  |  0

well that's her fucking opinion, she's a jackass dude don't listen to that bitch.

I thought you felt bad still so I'm giveing you a rose

  JupiterIcicle  |  1

wow, another musician like me. Fortunently Ive never had that happen. If you keep practicing you could go back and knock that bitch off her fuckng feet! no one talks to a true muscician like that! Practicing pays off. Trust the person who's made hundreds, not thousands(yet), off music.

god I wish he would come back and read this, I really feel for this guy...

  chlorinegreen  |  27

**pulls out credit card** what's that credit card?... Awe I know we wanted to buy a really nice expensive guitar from this store but that mean man said to stop touching. We'll just go to their biggest competitor and buy things from them from now on. **walks out of store** don't let people treat you that way. Especially a rude employee.

  afatmonkey  |  0

No. Csuse my friend played for ten years. Then he found out he sucked at it and beat up a homeless guy with a lead dildo. I find that to be a good and productive way to rechannel your energy.

  MonsterDyrdek  |  0

haha hating cuz u can't do shit u untalented. and to the person posting this u got my respect cause half the people at the store don't even know how to hold a guitar properly. I'm with you cause I'm a guitarist myself =]

  Mortanious  |  0

I've got 4 guitars, but my best ine by far that makes all other guitars obsolete is my signature Rusty Cooley Dean RC7, ofcourse the one made in the USA with the custom graphics and inlays.

By  strange_ambition  |  5

Did you complain to management? I also hope that you didn't buy a guitar from that shop. A serious musician does not always have a certain appearance. Sales reps are supposed to make sales... right?