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By pagvscgrac - 13/03/2012 04:03 - United States

Today, I got a hand cramp from popping zits on my face. FML
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You really shouldn't do that unless you want scars

So you must have: A) The worst case of acne in the history of teenagers B) Skin as tough as a rhinoceros C) Very very VERY weak fingers I'm going with C.


BlackBlazeCobra 16

Actually, tests have proven ProActive to be a bad product. It dries out your skin badly, and after a week of not using it, your skin will become worse off than when it first started.

julialinn 2

No, Clean and Clear is the way to go.

Or we could all just eat healthy, accept ourselves, and be confident. In the end the real you will shine out. *uber smiley* =D

Fuck products Dampen some oatmeal and rub it on your face, wash it off, dry away, apply some moisturizing cream. Do this daily and there will be a huge change. It's natural and it works better than those expensive shit products.

Proactiv ******* sucks. Go see a derm and get actual products that work.

Lauaries8 16

Proactiv is ******* amazing!! People are ******* stupid and overuse's dries out their skin which in turn makes it overproduce oil. I only use the cleanser once a day and have ammmaaazzziiinnngg skin after having acne for years. Be smart about it!!

The proactive adverts go on forever! Thankyou for enlightening me :)

n_epic_fail 14

If you have enough pimples to cause hand cramps, you should probably just go to the dermatologist.

KiddNYC1O 20

People have different types of skin. Saying that Proactiv sucks or doesn't work is just an opinion. For some people it actually works. Like myself.

U just said **** products, but lotion is a product...

Piping zits is going to make them worse. Why not just keep your hands away from your face...that should stop most of them from getting there in the first place.

I didn't use it for one day and I started breaking out...I'm so scrwed

snator 0

That's what happend to me...

You really shouldn't do that unless you want scars

LawSixx 11

Hmm how does it cause scarring? I've have them on my face before, even popped them and I don't have scars on my face but the one I got from being shot in the face with a BB gun when I was younger.

Lawsixx - only children under 10 or idiots with an IQ less than 10 don't know that popping pimples causes scarring. Which are you?

I really don't care about scarring. I pop them all the time and it feels great. I haven't ever gotten a good look at my face but I'm pretty sure there aren't many noticeable scars. Even if there are and I just can't see them I dgaf.

I'm pretty sure if you do it right they won't scar. However if you don't it takes 3 times longer to heal and it can spread underneath

Asiandude, you're wrong on so many levels. Whenever you break the skin, it scars. Full stop. You may not notice it, but it's there whether you choose to believe it or not. There's no "right" way to do it other than NOT to do it at all. The only way it can "spread underneath" is if you squeeze it and it ruptures into the dermis. Squeezing it causes more inflammation, and that leads to more scarring. Don't get me wrong, I've squeezed my fair share too. It's very satisfying. But don't be so naive to think that it's harmless.

I think the scars are caused by inflammation due to bacteria entering the wound after the skin breaks. I see an esthetician who thoroughly cleans and scrubs my face, then "extracts" my blackheads. After that she cleanses again and moisturizes my face. My skin looks so much better after, and absolutely no scarring. BUT my ex and I used to pop each others pimples and i had some scarring from how he did it, so you're right there

PenguinSwag47 0

who the **** pops pimples for their gf/bf??! thats disgusting. i don't even pop my own. thats just gross.

Aw go see a doctor and see what you can take to get rid of them! My brother had really bad ones and always picked at them, and now his got scarring.

gahj 11

Yh don't pop them unless you want scars for ever and they don't look good on peoples faces

ConnorBrown36 5

yeah...I have a shit load of scars from picking them, so much regret.

pjmommy 9

It's impossible to have that many zits

OP didn't really say how many they had..... just implied that they were at it for a long time.

bugmenotmofo 34

There's this thing called acne. It's not just one or two zits.. they cover your face. And your back. And basically anywhere oil, sweat and dirt builds up.

You need to workout more so you're hand won't cramp up so fast

So you must have: A) The worst case of acne in the history of teenagers B) Skin as tough as a rhinoceros C) Very very VERY weak fingers I'm going with C.

And as you said Doc he probably has an IQ of 10.

peachesncreem 21

Don't put anything in Docs mouth. Especially words!

You can put bacon in my mouth whenever you want.

^^ Is that what you hipsters call it these days?

Interesting, we both have hand cramps, but mine are from something else(try to guess what they're from for the sake of the funny answers).

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Ew @@''' @ OP:... How bored must you have been to do that?

22 - you dont have to be bored.. Just a huge problem with acne and/or that crap being under your skin

We're you wrestling unicorns on the sun?

Giving a speech in ASL? No, video game marathon! Wait! Shadow puppet battle! Oh **** I'm just gonna say what we're all thinking. Typing, right?

Crippling loneliness. Hey you're right, that's ******* hilarious!

Your picture has the wrong text it should be 'lazy'

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Work your hand out by writing things on a paper and practice everyday