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Today, I was watching the movie Frozen with my 8 year old daughter. I had seen it before, so I sung along with some of the songs. My daughter put a finger over my lips, said "Shhhhhhhhut the fuck up," then turned back to the TV, giggling. FML
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"Who sings that?" "The girl from Frozen!" "Yeahhh, let's keep it that way."

I'm a cashier and saw a kid about 9 or 10 tell his dad "**** you" when he wouldn't give him a quarter for the quarter machine then stormed off...the sad part is, he got his quarter eventually. Don't be that type of parent OP, please


(To the tune of let it go) Shut the **** up shut the **** up be one with the shut and up

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more like "please shut the **** up! let me watch this goddamn movie! I don't care if you've seen it before! btw I think olaf is gay! "

#1 - I think you should take your own advice…

Yeah, that doesn't fit the melody at all...

"Who sings that?" "The girl from Frozen!" "Yeahhh, let's keep it that way."

Family Guy does Frozen episode in the pipeline.

I said that too my mom once. I got grounded for a week.

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More like a belt, some soap in the mouth and a little bit of jesus(optional)

I'd give my kid something more than a timeout, so the next time they even think about it, they would be "frozen". I would have never made it to adulthood if I tried that one with my parents.

#29 You would stick your kid in the freezer? Damn

OP should've stopped the movie right there and then proceeded with some ass whoppin'! I don't even use the F word in front my elder brother or sister... Jeez!

chances are, the daughter didn't know it was a bad word. if she knew, why would she have said it to her mother?

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I'm happy my parents spanked me as a kid because I know I would have been an asshole growing up if they didn't. There's nothing wrong with disciplining your kids by spanking them. It helps them learn respect and manners. I'm 21 and still don't cuss in front of my parents.

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Yeah. I'd definitely take the movie away and have a good long talk about appropriate language.

I'm 18 and my mom and I call each other fuckheads when joking around, yet I still have an immense amount of respect for her. Curse words really mean nothing. The difference between exclaiming 'poop!' and '****!' is simply the word itself. Both have the same intent, which is to cuss. I think the main focus should be to stop your children from cussing in any way, rather than to stop them from saying a certain word. In this case, saying 'Shuuuuuuuuut up' would be just as offensive to me.

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If my son said that to me, he would have his mouth washed out with soap.

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You better spank the crap out of her for that

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I got spanked as a kid, and I now suffer from a psychologic condition called respect.

I am really hoping that OP didn't leave the movie on and do nothing about it, or just talk about it without consequences! If so she's raising a monster the rest of the world has to deal with. Saying that word and talking like that to a parent is bad enough, but giggling about it too. I would have shut that movie off so fast, probably spanked her and had a conversation about it, and sent her straight to bed (if it was at night). Make her think twice before mouthing off again OP.

I was spanked as a kid and I will always hate my parents for doing that to me. So no, spanking is not the right answer

Spanking is not the answer if you are a little bitch

I was spanked as a child and as a result and terrified of my parents.

I got spanked and I'm okay with my parents. It was embarrassing and painful and I learned to behave for sure. I even got spanked as I grew up to a certain age. As my parents said "if you're going to act like a toddler we'll treat you like a toddler."

I don't know if repeating one bad word (that she probably heard from a family member) qualifies as a little monster, #59.

Sorry 86, what I meant is she will probably turn into a monster as an adult that the rest of the world then has to deal with. And unfortunately we can't "discipline" our entitled, selfish, rude, bosses, coworkers, or any other adult. We just silently hope that someone else will freak on them one day. :)

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#44 , you sir deserve a Cookie ..

with a name like cocainewhore, the spanking was probably justified, I was spanked, I'm not scared if my parents, nir do I hate them. I did the wrong thing, and I was punished for it, plain and simple

There's a difference between spanking and beating up

If I said that I got a spanking AND my mouth washed out with soap! I cursed once when I was little. Once.

I thought that was going downhill. Thank goodness it didn't lol.

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rich443, I'm sorry your input received so many thumbs down. You seem like a reasonable parent to me.

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Haha you're gonna have fun with her in a few years!

I'm a cashier and saw a kid about 9 or 10 tell his dad "**** you" when he wouldn't give him a quarter for the quarter machine then stormed off...the sad part is, he got his quarter eventually. Don't be that type of parent OP, please

The thing parents don't really realize if they don't discipline is not only are they setting themselves up for more problems, but they are raising a brat that turns into a monster of an adult that the rest of the world then has to deal with!

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My neighbors kid called me a bitch the other day as I walked by their house. When I told her what her son said she just shrugged. I got mad at her and called her a bad parent. I almost got my ass beat by her.

I had a similar thing, except it wasn't my neighbor's kid, it was a couple of streets up from me, and he called me a ******* **** at the age of maybe 6 or 7, his mum just chuckled and put the little shit in the car

If I told my parents "**** you" at that age, hell, even now at 17, I wouldn't be alive to tell anybody how I ****** up by being a dumbass and swearing at my parents. And I wouldn't get what I was asking them for. I hope that child doesn't reproduce and changes, because it scared me that kids who behave like that will run the world one day.

I don't care if she's only 8, she's old enough to know that "shut the **** up" is something that isn't to be said, unless SOMEBODY never taught her manners/respect. Time to learn how to be a parent, or discipline your child. Honestly I think if you never taught her not to cuss, you need to learn how to be a better parent first.

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I heard cuss words all the time as a child but I knew better than to say them. I think some parents don't discipline their kids because they're more concerned about being best buds with them than being an actual parent to them. These children end up being complete assholes when they grow up and end up raising a new generation of assholes.

And the "**** it all" song plays in my head.

**** it all **** it all Don't give a shit anymore **** it all **** it all Flip the table Screw you all I don't take this bullshit anymore I don't give a ****

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I hope you turned off the television and sent her to her room!

Why is an eight-year-old dropping f-bombs

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Because her caregivers probably drop the f bomb infront of her.

Lil_Red777 21

She could have heard it from anyone. She's 8 I'm sure other kids cuss around her.

I dunno, the sassiness makes it sound exactly like the kind of thing that goes round the playground at that age. We had loads of awful little sayings and actions and we probably thought we were really cool at the time but they're so embarrassing to lool back on lol So yeah, I think it's just standard playground stuff. I would never have said it in front of my parents though.