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Today, while watching a family movie, my mother made every effort to make sure I covered my eyes during a kissing scene. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise, since she still forces me to put my phone in her room every night as she makes me go to bed at 8:30 PM. FML
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nah, nanosecond would be more appropriate in this situation.

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I made a stupid comment and can't delete it so instead I'll edit this and inform everyone that I'm working with the Illuminati and have found out tha-

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For being so young, you sure have better grammar skills than most of your elders.

She must have sent this in on her leapfrog phone

She's gonna be a wreck when you go off to College

No, not her/he they will be going off to college

I had a friend...or shall we say I knew a guy like this in college. It didn't end. His mom would call and interrogate him. Use parental controls on his laptop (that he used almost exclusively for school), and even took away his car at one point when he lied or something. I'm sorry OP. Unless you're under 15 or something. Then it's still kind of silly, but I understand the phone part for sure.

the cookiecomet means this persons mother is going to follow them to college. lol definitely shouldn't be down voted.

My mother called the cops on my sister when she was in college, because my sister never returned my mom's calls at 7:00 in the morning (my sister was asleep, of course)

Man that is brutal. Overbearing parents like that make their kids lie to escape. FHL

Oh the joys of being four years old.

Wait, so 4-year-olds having cellphones is now a thing?

Sadly these days. It seems they do. I have seen numerous 4 yr olds in my area having their own cell phones

I've seen 6 year-olds with iPhones.

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6 year-olds with iPhones, and I have a Nokia.

I have a friend with a two year old who has her own iPad.

I know multiple kids age 4 and under who have their own tablets, phones, and computers

Whe I see kids with IPads and the like it hurts my soul.

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I'm a nanny and the 6 yr old has his own ps4 and an iPhone 5. I still have a galaxy S2. So sad.

i had mine since 2nd grade, and my sister since kindergarten but it was because our parents were never home when our schools got out

I had a flip phone but it was like... Emergency use and stuff, or really important calls.

It's not as crazy as it sounds for toddlers to have their own tablets and phones and such. They have a lot of apps, some of them educational, specifically for toddlers and young children. And for obvious reasons, parents don't want their toddlers playing with their gadgets, so they get them their own.

You should save it as a surprise and just one day tell her that you're not 5 years old.

Get another phone she doesn't know about and keep giving her the old one :D

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That's an expensive lifestyle you are recommending. Let's hope that part of the moms control freak tendencies are related to her paying the phone bills...

Unless it's a friend's broken old phone?

You can easily buy a phone at any electronics store and switch the Sim card. It's expensive but a one time cost.

#6 hence why you should allow your kids some privacy, otherwise you are teaching them how to keep secrets and lie to you. Bad parenting imo but everyone is different.

No she won't, she's not going through his apps. And if she was then she would see what he wrote

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Jesus, what do your other family members think?

If your old enough to submit an FML your old enough to move out

Yes, because people don't lie about their age on the Internet. 13? I dunno, the age block here is pretty young

You know children are on this site, right? it is a possibility that OP is as young as 13.

It's been so long since I've signed up, but don't you need to agree that you are at least 17? But isn't that all? There is no way to really prove that you are of age on the Internet. And most kids these days can get past most parental locks.

The age block is 13, same for most social media sites.