By busybuzzybee - 17/08/2011 00:31 - United States

Today, my asshole of a roommate finally decided to move out. Not only did he take his belongings with him, he took some of mine as well. Including my dog. FML
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That sucks. Find him and steal back your dog ninja style.


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Somebody made a shitty pun that doesn't really go with the situation...

^^^ Apparently they also stole this guy's sense of humor xD

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This girl has a sense of humor. Hence, why she made a joke. Maybe you should find yours.

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Isn't it your own fault for moving in with someone you don't even know how to contact if they leave? If your talking about college why is your dog even there? haha

Jaimegirl 7

Isn't it your own fault for moving in with someone you don't even know how to contact? And if this is a college roommate, why did you have your dog with you? haha

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Did he take it in a doggy bag?

Somebody definitely.. Barked up the wrong tree..?

28- Aha! retaliation >:} Pardon my mistake on your gender (although I do refer to females as guys on occasion if it is a group) Also I rather liked my joke's relevance to the FML, it was not really meant to bash you but that's how it ended up coming out I apologize for any feelings I've hurt or strings I've pricked

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Yes he should with whipcream In his mouth

your dogs stupid, how does it just walk away like that?

69, if a human can be unwillingly taken away (kidnapped) pretty easily, then a dog which seems to be tamed wouldn't even be a challenge. Just put a leash on it and it has no choice but to follow.

84- Good thing you were here, or I'd have been rather confused

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Track the theive down in facebook and call the cops on him!

Ah 89, sarcasm. I like it :P Nah, that was for 69, who seems to be missing a few brain cells. And thanks for the correction 113.

I rather like the idea of going all judge Judy on his ass (:

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Take his.. Oh ya he moved away... Well shit.

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Or. Find out where he moved and as long as he isn't more than a few hours away, discover his habits. Once you figure out his daily plans and know exactly when he is gone from his new living area, buy a gun and ammo, take aim at his house/ apartment/ box. Call him on his cellular device from a non traceable phone then proceed to sing a lullaby to him while shooting bullets into he ground beside you and not at the house you were aiming at before. Then drive home and forget the reason you ever did this.

-18 No grenades? Boo, I say after that, throw a grenade, and walk away.. LIKE A BOSS

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19- I'm terribly sorry, I will restate the entire paragraph to introduce a grenade into my short story. ( Takes deep breath ) ... Grenade . Happy?

-23 Why yes I am. Almost as happy as Charlie Sheen before his career shattered to pieces.

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26- I'm also happy because your comment made me chuckle. :' l

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18 it seems like u have some experience doing that.....

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That sucks. Find him and steal back your dog ninja style.

Stole your profile pic, I've always thought something along those lines xD

well maybe your mom thought the dog was ruining your love life so she sold him to your roommate for $10.

Thank you for that insightful comment which doesn't seem to have anything in common with this story besides the word dog

Get that dog back! That's so mean, sue his ass for theft!

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what is with people from the USA during people for every little thing?

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Wouldn't you get mad if someone stole your stuff AND your dog?

why must you be a stereotyping **** face when someone stole your stuff, you sue for theft otherwise you won't see it again.

I second everyone who called you stereotype. though, I'm Asian/american... so it doesn't directly apply to mwa..

Suing unnecessary. If simple reasoning (which sounds impossible with the douche ex-roomate) doesn't work---you'd call the cops. No frivolous lawsuit needed! ;)

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141- I agree. There's no reason to sue. If you have papers for the dog or got it at a shelter and it's in your name the cops can get him back easily for you, OP. I've had to get my puppy back from an ex boyfriend and it was easily done since the dog was registered in my name and at my home address.

Find him, kick his ass, and take your dog and stuff back. Then in one month, find him and kick his ass again. Tell him the last one was so he doesn't forget about you.