By HitbyIce - / Sunday 7 February 2010 07:21 / United States
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  Ajjas013  |  6

Oh that sucks a lot. I guess I have to post all new ones now :(

  Ajjas013  |  6

That's what she said.

By  The__Redneck  |  7

Tell her that if the kid does you're jackslapping the little brat.

Putting up with rudeness is one thing, but when people are actually striking you it's time to take action.

By  AngryNinja  |  1

ug. going through and reposting comments is a pain in the ass. -_-

seriously I would've knocked that bitch's teeth out. why would you take that shit from some white trash hag? obviously she unlearned whatever manners her rentals tried to bestow upon her. and then taught her child horrible people skills as well.

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