By nhyari - 25/08/2014 18:58 - South Africa - Cape Town

Today, my girlfriend got her period. It seemed more painful for her than usual, so I offered to go out and buy some painkillers and maybe some chocolate for her. She thought I was being sarcastic and slapped me so hard I saw stars. FML
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PoisonOrchid 21

Next time, just toss the chocolate and Midol at her and run.

it makes me so mad when girls use their period as an excuse to go all out bitch mode -_- seriously,.you're ovary-acting.


cadillacgal79 32

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tacopandaroo 12

She had no right to hit OP. Even if there was a miscommunication and she's hormonal, that is abusive.

I like the way you think. I respect a woman more when she doesn't make excuses and says wrong is wrong equally.

Just leave her in bed and throw chocolate from a safe distance, behind cover. This should keep her from attacking for the time being.

@36 Until she unlocks ranged attacks right?

killerdana 19

I get mood swings too but I've never become violent, especially when someone was doing something nice for me. I have a feeling she's just a huge bitch regardless of whether or not she's on her period.

That's totally unacceptable regardless of circumstance. Mood swings, while they can be extremely difficult, do not absolve you of responsibility for abusive fuckery.

@47 just wait until she gains full access to spells, then we're all screwed.

cadillacgal79 32

Sorry guys, I'm not saying she had a right to hit OP, and I don't use my period as an excuse to get outta things. Only saying that sometimes I get to the point of slapping somebody, but than I eat pizza and go be miserable.

Yeah. Lots of people are obviously failing to see that point. Oh well. I understood what you meant, OP.

dont blame being abusive on the period.

Tell that to the husband with his wife in labor.

MegroKitty 8

I don't get moody until a week after my period and its only sitting around sad and getting angry at my amount of deaths on MW3

PoisonOrchid 21

Next time, just toss the chocolate and Midol at her and run.

Ice cream works too ;)

Took the words right out of my mouth!

Don't take the ice cream out of her mouth! You do that, you're screwed!

skittyskatbrat 19

Screw that. Toss an anvil at her. Or a live grenade. Something more appropriate to her personality than chocolate. You ain't gonna sweeten THAT bitch up.

She's on her period. Sometime you just can't control it

#40, you evil, evil person. If OP's girlfriend eats that ice cream, she'll get even worse cramps and probably kill OP this time.

that is ALWAYS the safest way

OP go buy chocolates and a movie for yourself then.

Pop smoke and run!

It's the thought that counts??

ruthi666 23

Eesh. I'm sorry. Glad to know there are still caring people out there though. You get points for being a good person.

it makes me so mad when girls use their period as an excuse to go all out bitch mode -_- seriously,.you're ovary-acting.

PoisonOrchid 21

Haha I enjoy that pun and I agree with you 100%

XBurytheCastleX 25

(I don't hit people!) sometimes we get so bad that we literally cannot control it. It's hard to explain...

I completely agree 8! It's one thing to feel like crap and not want to move or go out, but still be polite to be people "you know what I'm feeling horrible and I think I would rather stay in tonight. Plus I'm probably a bit moody and you don't need to be around that. But thanks for asking!" But when women just use it as an excuse to treat others like crap it's just freaking annoying. They get this mentality, "I feel miserable, so everyone else must be miserable too." And if you do get really grumpy and have a hard time controlling it, try not to be around anyone.

raeepressley 12

I totally agree. I have a really big problem with women who use their periods as an excuse to let lose and be psychotic bitches. It's one thing to be crabby and not want to be around people, or to be moodier than normal, but that's absolutely no excuse to be rude or abusive. You're not going to make any friends, and you're just going to piss people off. Like really?? I get that yes, it can be painful. I get awful cysts, but I can honestly say that I have never turned into a moody bitch at that time of the month because I understand that it's no ones fault that I'm in the condition I'm in.

killerdana 19

Whenever I would get annoyed at my boyfriend when I was on my period I would tell myself it's not his fault I feel like this. It can be hard sometimes, you just have to make an effort. Guys will be more willing to try to make you feel better when you're on it if you dont act like a spoiled little twat

There is no reason, ever, for a woman to hit the man she supposedly loves!!! Girls who act like this are dumbfounded when men get violent with them but, it's ok for them to do as they please because they're 'the weaker sex'? Your girlfriend doesn't need a period to qualify as a bitch OP.

I've never understood how girls can get bitchy during periods, I think they're faking it. I've never noticed much changes myself during periods, other than being slightly more emotional, but nothing that a deep breath or two couldn't calm down.

I agree, I get very painful periods and I don't see that as an excuse to verbally or physically assault my husband. I'd break up with that girl, slapping OP so hard was totally uncalled for. She could have given him a serious injury.

sweetnsourrr 11

I PMS sometimes, it makes me extremely moody and I hate it. I would either be really depressed or angry for no reason, but I never made an excuse for it. I do believe some girls fake it and take advantage because they want to get away with things, not all women have PMS and have extremely bad cramps like I do.

Periods affect females differently. Some girls feel no different aside from the bleeding. It all varies.

Periods are nonetheless not an excuse for acting super bitchy. Yeah, I get it, you're having mood swings due to hormones. Is your SO slapping you that hard when they're flat out drunk acceptable to you? If it is, you might want to call domestic abuse. If it isn't, how the **** is that acceptable on their periods? I don't rape women when I get a testosterone rush do I? Hormones do not excuse your actions.

wow. shark week sucks. I get really mean on mine.

Then learn to control yourself. a little pain doesn't give you the right to take your wrath out on everyone else.

#18, you the real MVP

XBurytheCastleX 25

I'm going to say this straight up. Some of us were born with periods that are so crippling that we can't even get up. I sure as hell hate it when people try to communicate with me.

I completely get that 29, but if that's the case try not to be around anyone and stay in your room, (which should be pretty easy because you probably aren't going to work if you're in that much pain). There's no need to rip anyone's heads of for merely talking to you. Plus, the people that are talking to you are probably talking to you because they care about you and like you as a person, it's not like they're trying to bug or annoy you.

raeepressley 12

I agree that periods for some people come with crippling pain. I get very painful ovarian cysts whenever that time of the month comes around, on top of normal cramping. I've never had anybody comment on any mood swings or change in behaviour though. The reason for that is because, although I may be in a great deal of pain, I know it's not anyone else's fault that it's happening to me, so I choose not to be a total bitch to anyone who speaks with me.

Yeah I totally agree, I mean, I get really nasty too... You should hear some of the abuse I throw at my uterus, it's heinous. Other people, though? Not so much. Mainly because I'm actually a fairly decent human being and don't operate under the belief that the horrendous pain that my own body puts me through can justifiably be taken out on anyone else. Or that quite frankly, anything at all gives me the right to treat other people like shit when they have done nothing to deserve it. Guess I'm just quirky that way.

@18 it's not the pain... It's the hormones that go crazy on your period. Some women have it worse then others.

Wait it out op, don't try to reason with her at all, it would probably just make her angrier. and don't get within slapping range. ever