By fuckyouharddad - 15/04/2014 19:24 - United States - Sacramento

Today, my 12-year-old sister watched Frozen. She's spent the last two hours playing the song Let It Go on high volume over and over, and in different languages. I now have a skull-splitting headache, and my dad just sarcastically told me to "let it go". FML
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Your dad is awesome

What an... icy... response.


Your dad is awesome

Yeah I really don't see a problem with this... Frozen's the shit.

That it is 63, but all good things in moderation. I had a particular problem with MY sister and Frozen, but not "Let It Go." No, my curse was, "Do you want to build a snowman?"

OP should watch 'Unnecessary Censorship: Frozen' you'll end up with singing, "Do you wanna f--k a snowman!"

She should turn away and slam the door.

#2 beat me to it, haha. I was going to comment the exact same thing.

#90 really? Why did you make a useless comment?

Hang in there OP!

#94 beat me to it, haha. I was going to comment the exact same thing.

OP's dad is a comic genius.

Loved the movie when it first came out, but now my 3

"... year old watches it over and over, so I'm quite sick of it at this point."

... Very hairy toes have got bored ?

"... concubines are constantly peeling on my Persian rugs."

What an... icy... response.

I suggest you just give them the cold shoulder, OP.

You need to get revenge, OP. You can't just let it slide!

The cold never bothered OP anyway

It seems that OP's father has a frozen heart

You need to "let go" you sister's speaker over a cliff OP. I feel your pain.

Op can't "hold back anymore."

Wow hope for the best, i guess

that's whole movie is dumb plus the song's

Then how do u explain all the money it made?

#12 How do you explain all the money people like Justin Bieber made (and wasted)?

Just because something makes a lot of money, doesn't automatically mean it's good. (With this I don't mean to say the film is good/bad, haven't seen it so I can't judge. But money isn't always a good indication if something is good or bad)

Ya like crack cocaine isn't a good thing but people make a shit ton of money off it.

Hey now, we all have differing opinions. Let it go, guys.

Exactly (saw what u did there)

#23 For the first time in forever, someone on FML tries to defuse the situation.

#23 Man, didn't see that one coming.

I thought it was a pretty awesome movie.

#7 I don't like being a grammar nazi especially on FML, but since when do songs show ownership unless it is stated in the sentence

With this comment and number 3's, I get the feeling someone's going around taking out anyone who doesn't love Frozen. I personally think it was

Dad joke of the year goes to the op's dad

That headache never bothered you anyway.

Conceal, don't feel

Maybe her computer will freeze

#10 Your profile picture is perfect for your comment.