By fuckyouharddad - 15/04/2014 19:24 - United States - Sacramento

Today, my 12-year-old sister watched Frozen. She's spent the last two hours playing the song Let It Go on high volume over and over, and in different languages. I now have a skull-splitting headache, and my dad just sarcastically told me to "let it go". FML
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Yeah I really don't see a problem with this... Frozen's the shit.

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That it is 63, but all good things in moderation. I had a particular problem with MY sister and Frozen, but not "Let It Go." No, my curse was, "Do you want to build a snowman?"

OP should watch 'Unnecessary Censorship: Frozen' you'll end up with singing, "Do you wanna f--k a snowman!"

#2 beat me to it, haha. I was going to comment the exact same thing.

#90 really? Why did you make a useless comment?

#94 beat me to it, haha. I was going to comment the exact same thing.

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Loved the movie when it first came out, but now my 3

"... year old watches it over and over, so I'm quite sick of it at this point."

"... concubines are constantly peeling on my Persian rugs."

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I suggest you just give them the cold shoulder, OP.

You need to get revenge, OP. You can't just let it slide!

It seems that OP's father has a frozen heart

You need to "let go" you sister's speaker over a cliff OP. I feel your pain.

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Wow hope for the best, i guess

that's whole movie is dumb plus the song's

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Then how do u explain all the money it made?

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#12 How do you explain all the money people like Justin Bieber made (and wasted)?

Just because something makes a lot of money, doesn't automatically mean it's good. (With this I don't mean to say the film is good/bad, haven't seen it so I can't judge. But money isn't always a good indication if something is good or bad)

Ya like crack cocaine isn't a good thing but people make a shit ton of money off it.

Hey now, we all have differing opinions. Let it go, guys.

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Exactly (saw what u did there)

#23 For the first time in forever, someone on FML tries to defuse the situation.

#23 Man, didn't see that one coming.

I thought it was a pretty awesome movie.

#7 I don't like being a grammar nazi especially on FML, but since when do songs show ownership unless it is stated in the sentence

With this comment and number 3's, I get the feeling someone's going around taking out anyone who doesn't love Frozen. I personally think it was

Dad joke of the year goes to the op's dad

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That headache never bothered you anyway.

#10 Your profile picture is perfect for your comment.