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Today, I was babysitting a kid for the first time. She asked if she could watch a movie, so I downloaded Cinderella for her. An hour later, this 10-year-old girl was lecturing me about unrealistic standards of beauty and abusive relationships, and how I suck for liking the movie. FML
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How is cinderella unrealistic? She drives a pumpkin seems perfectly realistic to me

17, So she can't have a personal opinion that is "correct" unless it follows your opinion? Hell at 10 years old I think it pretty smart she can comprehend that.


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17, So she can't have a personal opinion that is "correct" unless it follows your opinion? Hell at 10 years old I think it pretty smart she can comprehend that.

TheDrifter 23

It's not so much comprehension, if she knows enough to give a lecture on it at 10, she's had that lecture drilled into her head at some point, likely by a family member's rants in the topic.

I wouldn't worry about Cinderella so much. I would be gravely concerned if she referred to Twilight as being more 'realistic'.

graceinsheepwear 33

#2, as a 16 year old, you ARE a kid these days.

Steve95401 49

#2 posted the same comment and got buried.

17, You're reply makes a lot of sense seeing as your profile says you wanted to be alive in the 50s.

Zimmington 21

53- Well if you take into account Bella as a below average female and Edwards mismatched nipples then it balances out as... nope forget it... Twilight is gay

Clearly you are a total conformist to society!!!

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OP just got burned lol xD

Think of the positives- at least she's been raised with a good set of morals! It's refreshing to hear of a little girl who is aware of such unrealistic social standards.

You dont see that one everyday.

How is cinderella unrealistic? She drives a pumpkin seems perfectly realistic to me

flockz 19

how about how a magical glass shoe that fits perfectly somehow falls off? mark that as pretty realistic.

And no one else in the kingdom has the same shoe size? That's how it always is.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Call me an idiot, but wouldn't a glass shoe be awful to wear? I mean, if you step wrong, you would break it and cut your foot...right?

No 33, dont be unrealistic. And hello guys! The mice and birds talk to her, and a guy she meets once decides to find her and marry her immediately. thats some realistic stuff right there.

mangoboy1 19

How about a talking snake? Oh wait wrong fairy tale.

Dawnstempest 17

@ 15 In the Cinder Maid stories (the ones that are very close to Cinderella), in one version the prince -- after the Cinder Maid escapes from the first two parties-- has the last step coated in honey, so when she steps in it while running (she forgot the deadline because she was having so much fun) her shoe falls off.

#33 : Actually, there's a huge controversy about whether the shoes are made of fur (which would make sense) or glass : in French, "verre" (glass) and "vair" (grey squirrel fur, basically) sound the same. Charles Perrault used the word "glass", while Honoré de Balzac rather chose "fur".

Wait, did the kid ask for Cinderella, or did you just pick it at random? In either case, that kid's right about the unrealistic standards of beauty. Now if she'll just learn some tact.

Sounds like someone raised their kid right. Now hopefully she'll stay away from Twilight...

Of course she will. Twilight has unrealistic standards for beauty AND romance AND life. Three times as bad. Oh yeah, and the abusive relationship. Four times.

I'm not gonna lie. I like all of the Disney movies, and was raised on them growing up. All of them are wonderful except Alice in Wonderland. That movie is horrifying.

I dont know why theyre getting disliked for their opinion. besides, i agree. doesnt anyone remember the scene in Alice in Wonderland where the walrus and the carpenter lure the baby oysters away from their mother and eat them?

"Little oysters, little oysters! But answer there came none And this was scarcely odd because They'd been eaten Every one" Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite since before I could comprehend movies. I'm sorry you don't like it, I wish everyone liked it. It's like watching a dream.

Actually it's like watching a bad drug trip...

Dawnstempest 17

@ 9 Twas brillig and the slivvy toves did guile and gimble in the wabe. Alice in Wonderland was a good movie.

Royalistic 8

This child will exploit Disney's faults

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Nostalgia Chick: the early years. That was a chance to engage in some intellectual debates on the times and culture of the setting Cinderella takes place in.