By NotAPrincess / Tuesday 12 May 2015 16:38 / United States - San Francisco
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  starile  |  19

NONSENSE! There are enough people in the world trying to make children happy with LIES! OP shouldn't have gotten her hopes up if she couldn't truly rise to the expectation. Lies. All lies... *rocks back and forth*

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Op, I know you were trying to be nice to the kid, but you kinda set yourself up on that one, lol. If you tell them that Elsa taught you to sing, they're going to expect you to sound like (or at least, as good as) Elsa. This is hilarious!


The "she taught me how to sing" part was weird but I've told little kids I'm friends with such and such a character. Probably picked up from a life surrounded by Disney employees.

  tdawg91  |  17

I tell little kids "oh that's my favourite movie too!" And talk about that, I wouldn't tell them that i met a character, that's really weird unless you've actually met a person dressed as that character

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