By NotAPrincess - 12/05/2015 16:38 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while waitressing, I served a family with a little girl who was wearing a Frozen shirt. I told her I'm friends with Elsa and that she taught me to sing. The girl asked me to sing a song, so I did. Not even 5 seconds in, she started bawling. FML
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How could you lie to a little girl like that?! No wonder she started crying! I can't believe you, smh.

kred 21

Here comes the "let it go" puns


kred 21

Here comes the "let it go" puns

JustinJK 21

Who the hell would wear a frozen shirt? That's just cold.

oh god no!!! can we not just let em go lol hehe

do you want to at least build a snowman?

How could you lie to a little girl like that?! No wonder she started crying! I can't believe you, smh.

lexiieeex3 32

Unless you personally know Idina Menzel and she taught you to sing I suggest you stop using that line.

Isn't it just to keep the magic of youth alive?

She was just trying to make the little girl happy...

NONSENSE! There are enough people in the world trying to make children happy with LIES! OP shouldn't have gotten her hopes up if she couldn't truly rise to the expectation. Lies. All lies... *rocks back and forth*

You do realize when she says she's "friends with Elsa" that she in fact does legitimately play Elsa at one of the Disney parks right? smh people.


how'd the parents take tht XD

I'm guessing it's because OP did not, in fact, know Elsa.

It was probably a mix of what #19 said and her poor singing.

MAYBE, OPs singing was so good, the girl had no choice but to believe she knew Elsa and started crying out of jealousy.

BeautifulChaos27 37

No way Elsa taught you how to sing with that terrible voice!

Op, I know you were trying to be nice to the kid, but you kinda set yourself up on that one, lol. If you tell them that Elsa taught you to sing, they're going to expect you to sound like (or at least, as good as) Elsa. This is hilarious!

Huh. That was kind of a weird thing to tell a kid.

I was thinking the same thing, a little odd- but whatever I guess

The "she taught me how to sing" part was weird but I've told little kids I'm friends with such and such a character. Probably picked up from a life surrounded by Disney employees.

I tell little kids "oh that's my favourite movie too!" And talk about that, I wouldn't tell them that i met a character, that's really weird unless you've actually met a person dressed as that character

Maybe she was crying because she didn't like the food and not because of you allegedly horrible singing.?

the hell the difficulty to distinguish you; your; and you're made my head hurt to read

Don't lie if you don't have the talent

You can see why Op said that, to be friendly to the kid, but honestly you must have been pretty awful to make her cry

Ha some kids will cry at anything. I used to cry at my mum's (perfectly acceptable) singing just because of the tone of it!