By sharkgirl4 - 25/08/2014 16:17 - United States - Rialto

Today, I was trying to fix a broken desk fan. I'd taken the guard off and was trying to unscrew the blades, when my roommate decided it'd be funny to plug it in. The blades sliced into my thumb. I need stitches, and he still thinks it's hilarious. FML
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Guess he's not a fan of you

expertsmilee 26

I'd rotate roommates if I were you.


Guess he's not a fan of you

cryssycakesx3 22

do you think his thumb oscillates now?

Fucking nailed it

As much as my thumb hurts, it is almost worth it to see all the puns.

cryssycakesx3 22

it was a small joke. no need for all the thumbs down... are why I love this site

expertsmilee 26

I'd rotate roommates if I were you.

#2 How many circles does Op have to spin his roomate in, to get even?

Lasagnaa 24

I'd make the roommate pay for my hospital bills! FYL

You seem pretty cool Haha

cryssycakesx3 22

please, elaborate...

Or don't, that's fine too.

cryssycakesx3 22

never mind. it clicked, I get it ,.

Yikes... Looks like your roomate needs to cool down.... Please excuse the horrible fan pun!

nlm92 15

5, that was a pun? ;)

What a fan-tastic guy.

clearly your roommate lacks sense of humor.FYL, OP and time to plan for revenge

OP's roommate has a sense of humour, just the wrong kind.

23lf 16

Hope OP's roomie has a sense I humor when OP beats his ass.(once his thumb is healed, of course)

Maybe he needed a hand.

You should have hurt him more than he hurt you.