By ManInPain - 12/07/2011 16:46 - United States

Today, I was walking down the street to go to the movies, when I got punched in the back of the head. When I turned around, a stranger said, "HAHA! It's punch a random person day!" When I asked him why he chose me, he replied "You're ugly." FML
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well punch that fucker back:p

Sparkiee93 3

You should have kicked him in the balls then told him "HAPPY STOP A RANDOM DOUCHE FROM BREEDING DAY!"


well don't be so ugly...

jdawgg92 1

punch him back!

OrderXsoL 0

smack the bitch! smack the bitch!

1- don't be such an ass

fthislyfe 22

omg im so sorry for u...that was funny though, lol

Punch him back. Unless it's a woman, then that would be rude.

Thunderbender 2

I'm hoping you left out the part where you turned around and beat the shit out of him.... or at least called the cops on him.

GuessWhatKids 13

@59 "When I asked HIM why HE punched me" Is it that hard to read the FML?

athena3100 9

lol im sorry.

Are you saying you did this?

doing_it_ritee 5

hahahha. that's too funny.. but fyl op!

chaps93 6

At least he was honest..

This is a perfect opportunity to grow some balls and get that motherfucker right back!!

guess it wasn't a random decision :P

purplepizza21 0

well, are you?

LoL you did that!!!

At least he didn't lie to you.

garrettsgirl 0

2 I love your picture!

How is your first reaction to ask why he chose you? I would have said: "Oh, yeah...." then I would punch him back.

MeBeYourFriend 0

HOLY shit i got to go punch a random person!! time is Running out!

He's spitting the truth.

aha yeeehh buddeeeh!

trinityariel 0

r u saying u punched him

coffeygirl12 14

so did u punch him back or did u just stand there with a stupid look on ur face???? (:

lol really i didnt know that!!! *punchs person in the face*

man up and fight back you big gay mans blouse?

That's when you say, " HAHA! It's report a random person for assult day!"

what if when you turned around it was a midget dressed as a leprechaun and instead of him saying you were ugly he said ," that's what cha get for stealin me gold."

some people these days

punch him back and then tell him "that's not what your mother said last night"

bryyxoo 0

I bet it was a Facebook event

Yeah. I bet the guy who punched OP is gonna show up on his "People you may know" list the next day.

OP, punch him and say, "HAHA! it is own a faggot day!"

Eventually we'll get robbed, ask why, and the guy'll say, "it's a rob a dude day". Yup, people these days.

well punch that fucker back:p

CommonSenseKarma 17

That should have been the response as soon as the guy said "HAHA! It's punch a— OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU BROKE MY NOSE"

Dragon_Beast 4

I wouldn't even give him time to talk I would just tackle him and punch him in the face.

well he can't punch him back now, he knows who he is..

118- Thats mature

I'm 69 I'm so proud

CommonSenseKarma 17

135-That's mature. As if I care.

or, shit I broke both a loser's legs day

life blows. and you got hit by a nice blow

why dont you just go find something to blow on...?

"my friend, you've just been kicked in the nuts" Peter: NO WAY!! " yeah your Gunna be on tv". we need more random shit days like this

ladybunny 0

"I know you are, but what am I?" Ohh good ol days.

"Takes one to know one". Those comebacks were unbeatable.

sickjairo 7

Punch him back!

chocomilk82 0


don't take that shit punch back

or...a swift kick to the nuts! assuming the aggressor was a guy.

Sucks to be your english teacher.

what's your problem?

Shit, ignore that. Posted on the wrong comment.

lol, it's all good. I was getting upset because I couldn't find my mistake.

It's the second time that's happened to me today! I really do need to be more careful.

revenge93_fml 0

how many ppl have this pic of a girl that u have up now??? I've seen it like twenty times how many of them are of u?? I'm confused ....

who are you referring to?

K Town for the win!!

cutee or wat ;)

I know I would punch them back!

Are you a fifty year old Asian lady? Those are fun to punch...

aw that's mean hahah. I got punched once walkin down a hallway and they were like "oops sorry wrong person" lmao