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Today, one of my friends pointed out I'm starting to get a mustache! - "You're finally a man!" To bad it's my 15th birthday, and I'm a girl. FML
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today, the same 'friend' also happened to point out I have a penis! too bad I'm a girl.....

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What is so 'unhygienic' about a girl having a little fuzz on her face? That's a pretty ignorant and completely illogical thing to say.


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It's not real life, its a copy. Seen this one multiple times and this one sticks out among the women with mustaches.

how many roads must a man walk down? or what is six times seven?

I was trying to start bohemian rhapsody

But WHY were you trying to start Bohemian Rhapsody? I can't figure out the relevance, unless it's that Freddie Mercury had one hell of a mustache. But if you were trying to start a song, the correct lyrics might have helped. And more than one line - you need enough of the song to be unmistakable.

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This is a ripoff of another fml -.- **** you, not your life.

Why would you be starting Bohemian Rhapsody with the David After Dentist line? The Queen lyrics are "Is the THE real life"

#87 - Freddie Mercury would like to have a word with you about getting lyrics right...

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no one here seems to know the actual lyrics. it's "Is this the real life?"

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Shaving it is horrible, it'll grow right away. Visit the salon to get it waxed!

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Lots of girl have mustaches, Honey, just wax it off.

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hahahaha, that sucks, atleast you don't have a beard grow?

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Try a wax. I just got one on my eyebrows before anyone could say I has a unibrow. Genetics suck, huh?

today, the same 'friend' also happened to point out I have a penis! too bad I'm a girl.....