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Today, one of my friends pointed out I'm starting to get a mustache! - "You're finally a man!" To bad it's my 15th birthday, and I'm a girl. FML
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today, the same 'friend' also happened to point out I have a penis! too bad I'm a girl.....

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What is so 'unhygienic' about a girl having a little fuzz on her face? That's a pretty ignorant and completely illogical thing to say.


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please tell me u shaved it!

is this real life?

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It's not real life, its a copy. Seen this one multiple times and this one sticks out among the women with mustaches.

how many roads must a man walk down? or what is six times seven?

I was trying to start bohemian rhapsody

I see a little silhouetto of a man,

But WHY were you trying to start Bohemian Rhapsody? I can't figure out the relevance, unless it's that Freddie Mercury had one hell of a mustache. But if you were trying to start a song, the correct lyrics might have helped. And more than one line - you need enough of the song to be unmistakable.

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I like your picture shadow :)))

I thought we were doing HHGTTG.

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mama, i just killed a man

are you eastern european?

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This is a ripoff of another fml -.- fuck you, not your life.

Why would you be starting Bohemian Rhapsody with the David After Dentist line? The Queen lyrics are "Is the THE real life"

or maybe she's just brown

#87 - Freddie Mercury would like to have a word with you about getting lyrics right...

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no one here seems to know the actual lyrics. it's "Is this the real life?"

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Shaving it is horrible, it'll grow right away. Visit the salon to get it waxed!

Time to start waxing

lol, tgat sucks

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is this a fantasy?

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Lots of girl have mustaches, Honey, just wax it off.

definatly go with a handlebar. just sayin!

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aww well, that's life.

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wax it!...

hahahaha, that sucks, atleast you don't have a beard grow?

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Try a wax. I just got one on my eyebrows before anyone could say I has a unibrow. Genetics suck, huh?

today, the same 'friend' also happened to point out I have a penis! too bad I'm a girl.....

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ha, perfect. :)


They hatin'

They hopin' that they gonna catch me right in trollin'

gonna catch me right in trollin'