By fisted - 12/06/2015 13:42 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I was out for a walk, wearing a T-shirt with a fist on it and the words "Bump it." A guy came up to me, looked at my shirt, shrugged, and punched me in the stomach. FML
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I think you had that coming...

brendejafulable 41

You set your own self up for that.


I think you had that coming...

Ah yes. Wearing a t-shirt is most certainly deserving of physical pain.

He maybe should have expected it because people are stupid, but he didn't deserve it in the least.

I still don't understand how he should even expect it. You shouldn't have to worry about being assaulted simply because you wore a stupid shirt, regardless of how shitty people are.

He was just following instructions OP.

Unless you're in New York, where New Yorkers have a lust for blood and are known to track the scent of prey from up to 10 miles away

Wearing a cool shirt means I should get punched in the stomach? What a wonderful world we live in.

He obviously didn't deserve it but stop being such a ****** mate

Ahh.. and i suppose that the girl in the short skirt and top showing cleavage should have "seen it coming" when she got raped, because... you know... what you wear determines how others should act toward you? No, you don't think that, because the victim isn't to blame.

brendejafulable 41

You set your own self up for that.

If only all the people who are against victim blaming were against it in more than just cases of rape.

How did this go from a dude fist bumping someone's stomach to the whole rape discussion. leave that shit out of here, you're not getting anything accomplished on FML. take it to the real world

It wasn't about rape? It's about saying that it's somebody's fault if a stranger punches them just because they wore a shirt they didn't like. I'm just pointing out that so many people are violently anti victim blaming on the subject of rape, but when it comes to anything else in life then it's somehow always the person's fault when bad shit happens to them. Just taking note of the inconsistencies in people who are against victim blaming.

I bet you're a hoot at parties

There is a huge difference in victim blaming for rape and this. Most rape vics weren't wearing shirts that explicitly requested rape. If your shirt is requesting fistbumps don't be surprised if someone eventually does it. And some of us fistbump pretty hard.

danceinconverse 25

Since when does anyone fist bump with the same force as a punch? It'd be fine if the guy actually fist bumped the shirt, but he just used it as an excuse to punch him. Which is why it's being compared to victim blaming.

Would be something i could have done, but i would bump it gently.

danceinconverse 25

I don't know why everyone's down voting you, that makes sense. It says "bump it" not "punch it".

Wtf #1 and #2.. It says bump it, not punch it.

Step 1: Do a fist bump. Step 2: Now do it again, but faster.

He must've taken it as a invitation.

What the ****...I hope you punched him back

Did it also read "kick me" on the back?


demonddm 24

you did not walk in to that. you did not set yourself up. you ran in to that screaming at the top of your lungs "do it".

19990231 29

In this world containing the people it has, what did you expect?