By Zizi - 04/07/2015 13:18 - Norway - Mosj?en

Today, I got punched in the face, had hair ripped out of my skull and broke a tooth on the pavement when I fell. Some guy mistook me for someone else. FML
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How can OP deserve this? Did you set that couch on fire?

I really hope you called the cops OP, because this person not only assaulted you, but is probably going to do the same to someone else. Hope you're feeling better!


simmybaby_ 13

Wait and time your revenge

sonasonic 34

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. And this guy dosen't need another injury.

Let karma do it's work...

She should take revenge in the form of assault charges. Even if the guy thought she was someone else....what kind of douche just goes up to a woman and beats her up?

#29 would be a good idea if it was a real thing maybe.

niiiiick3 15

Wow that's horrible. Sorry OP.

Wizardo 33

May be completely irrelevant, but this guy has my nickname and therefore I am now off-hand famous. Glad I'm not this Zizi though.

If you were too famous and your name was Zizi, would you be Zizi-top?

Wizardo 33

I wish, if anyone was to be related to an amazing band that would be well, amazing.

Let karma do its job

sonasonic 34

By 'police' you mean 'assault and battery charges'?

How can OP deserve this? Did you set that couch on fire?

I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that a GUY would attack a GIRL without any reason(she looked like someone else is not a reason)..I can't believe what I'm reading. I'm devastated that anyone would do this.

39, let's just reverse it for a second here. Let's just say if a bloke did it to another bloke would you not be devastated that some could do that to another human? What about a woman to another woman or even a woman to a man? I'm, personally, ashamed that ANYONE could think this is right way to handle a situation and to end up getting the wrong person is just absolutely crazy!

No matter who did what or how..just attacking someone or anyone is disgusting.

#41 I absolutely hate it people do this. Thing is the situation isn't reversed, so how is your comment helping OP in any way? They did not mean one form of abuse is somehow more worthy of attention than another? It is surprising to see someone attack anyone like that, get off their back they didn't purposely try to offend you. Gah

#48, I think you missed #41's point. She wasn't offended; she was simply saying it was wrong to beat anyone up for no real reason, probably because #39 was putting "guy" and "girl" in capital letters, so it did seem like she was saying that was more messed up. Then #39 replied again as #47 and cleared it up saying attacking anyone is wrong. More of a misunderstanding rather than #41 getting offended. Also, sorry if I made my comment confusing with all the numbers. I hope that doesn't lead to another misunderstanding. :P

tantanpanda 26

#48, the comment doesn't have to help OP in any way because this is FML and we can say whatever we want, regardless if it's advice or a clever pun. The reason she gave the reverse scenario is because #39 explicitly pointed out that a man beat up a girl. She then followed with how devastating that was, saying he can't wrap his head around it. This makes it seem like a guy hitting a girl is the worst thing ever, making it worthier than other assaults.

I think what #39 was trying to say is that it's not something you see often. It's devastating when anyone fights but much rarer to see this situation.

Imagine seeing this play out before you. A guy walking up to a random girl(that HE mistook for another GIRL)and attacking her. Think about it. Anyone fighting is absolutely ridiculous..but this poor girl didn't even see it coming. This wasn't a random bitch fight where a few people got slapped around and then had a few beers after. This guy attacked this girl and actually tried to justify what he did by saying he thought she was someone else. Bullfuckingshit. Even if he had the right person you don't just attack someone from behind with or without a readon. And her being a girl and him being a guy makes this a bit worse in my eyes,you don't have to necessarily agree with that.(Sorry if I have bad grammar I'm not english)

ajs1987 15

that's going to be really confusing when that comes up on someone's random FML feed

I really hope you called the cops OP, because this person not only assaulted you, but is probably going to do the same to someone else. Hope you're feeling better!

It's Norway. No point in calling the cops. Those are the most incompetent beings on this earth. It took them years to find the killer of an 8 year old girl. Not because it was hard, but because they didn't want to work on the case and told everyone it was a suicide. Her phone was gone, the window was broken. Sorry, but these people are the worst and I've completely given up on them.

Yea true, and he thought she was another GIRL. Abuse, well honestly in my opinion, depends what she did. If it is cause she broke up with him then no. But if she killed his family or his dog. Fuck the bitch.

What kind of guy rips out people's hair? That's not how men are supposed to fight..

MzZombicidal 36

Pretty sure anyone is capable of ripping out hair...

obviously you've never been in a street fight. anything is a handle to hold someone and punch their face in

Please report it

I know I would definitely report and press charges. Let's just hope OP will too.

Hope you called the cops on him and FYL. hope you will feel better soon

That guy will probably do it to the guy he mistook you for, or others. Report it to your police immediately, OP

Megatron_Griffin 25

Actually it says a woman posted this is some guy who ambushed a woman and will probably do it again. I already think it's a cowardly move to attack some one without giving them a fighting chance, but to be a grown ass man doing this to a woman is a whole new level of being a coward

Women can stand up for themselves though, it doesn't matter if it's a man or woman. It matters that she was ambushed and didn't have a chance. OP, please report this to the police because someone else is in danger too! I really hope he gets what's coming to him.

I agree with 22. Plus OP could have gotten off 'lucky' compared to the woman she was MEANT to be. This guy could have been intending to beat her to within an inch of her life but realised OP wasn't who he thought. I really do hope he gets caught. To ambush like that with clear intention to wound the victim without being 100% you've got the right person is scary!

To ambush with intent to wound is scary in most situations. The only time it's really acceptable is if that person is currently preparing to harm you or others in the same way. Or a worse way.

Call me sexist but an ambush is cowardly, an ambush on a woman is even more cowardly. I only say this because my partner is 6ft2, 110KG and in the army, I'm 5ft2, 48KG and a bartender. Do you think it would be worse for him to punch on with one of his mates of equal size and training or with me?