By morethanablondemoment - 28/08/2015 04:40 - United States - Redding

Today, after working 8 hours and immediately packing my house for another 6 hours to prepare for moving, I was extremely exhausted and more than ready to brush my teeth and go to bed. I tiredly brushed my teeth with my mascara. FML
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MasterTron 24


MasterTron 24
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Yes, there's Wi-Fi in afterlife. Luckily, OP was buried with her smartphone.

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Do you have fuller, longer looking teeth? Did you also lengthen your eyelashes with toothpaste?

This made me smile and actually laugh :) Thank you.

I hope you didn't swallow any of the mascara because it doesn't make your stomach look fuller

It could have been could have minty fresh eyelashes.

Oh god I can't imagine the pain of toothpaste in my eye/contact lens.

Not related to the fml but fml needs to allow people to undo button presses. I pressed ydi unintentionally.

SAME I do that all the time and its so annoying!

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I wish you would just "make-up" your mind...