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  Bartek0600  |  4

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  igive  |  29

Actually that's not true, I learned in HR class that you must provide a reasonable cause in order to fire some one or they can sue you. Now, as to what is defined as &quot;reasonable cause&quot; is where it gets sketchy.

  0ops_i_died  |  8

It really does depend. Some company's have a contract they just about force you to sign to get the job. The one I signed was somewhere along the lines of &quot;the economy is shitty so we can fire you for whatever reason if you get this job&quot;. OP is out of luck if this applies :/

  DerrickJames  |  33

When I worked at Banana Republic I had to many forms, one of which that stated I can be fired without cause. They do thus a lot now. OP could be in that situation.


35 - That's not true for all workers. As an employee under contract, yes they would have to provide probable cause, but as he said if the worker is an &quot;at will employee&quot; they can be fired at any time. &quot;At will employees&quot; in the same light can quit for no reason without a two week notice.

  tjv3  |  10

Actually in an at will state they can just fire you. Unless you work at a school or government , or union job . We normally just tell them it's not working out and we are terminating their employment