By Nico - 16/02/2013 01:37 - France - Asnières

Today, the company I was fired from three years ago merged with the company I work at now. The new owners' first order of business was to fire me again. FML
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They must really despise you. That sucks. FYL

Talk about a grudge.


daamn o.p hope you find another job soon!

Hopefully one that doesn't integrate with your previous jobs or your previous employers.

tjv3 10

Wow what did you do to have them hate you? Even after 3 years they must really hate you.

They must really despise you. That sucks. FYL

I'm just wondering what OP did, for the employer to despise him enough to fire him again.

OP, did you sleep with the owner's wife?

Talk about a grudge.

No shit, what did you do to crawl up there asses so damn bad

Well, they literally crawled up their asses and the employers didn't like it

jimbob_76592 5

FYL indeed. What did you do to piss him off the first time?

Damn OP, burn that place to the ground.

They.. They... Took my my stapler! Kudo to whomever gets the pop culture reference.

Isn't it "they took urr jobs"?

"I'll take my traveler's checks to a competing resort"

B_CeouL 12

Office space!

Best. Movie. Ever. (Watch Waiting, it will teach you lessons)

The question is whether to go with the batwing or the brain.

That's not very fair. Did you even get a reason for being fired?

Can they even do that? If they don't have a new reason?

sleepinginclass 8

You don't always need a reason to fire someone if it's an at will state.

Actually that's not true, I learned in HR class that you must provide a reasonable cause in order to fire some one or they can sue you. Now, as to what is defined as "reasonable cause" is where it gets sketchy.

It really does depend. Some company's have a contract they just about force you to sign to get the job. The one I signed was somewhere along the lines of "the economy is shitty so we can fire you for whatever reason if you get this job". OP is out of luck if this applies :/

depends on the state. or they can always "eliminate the position"

When I worked at Banana Republic I had to many forms, one of which that stated I can be fired without cause. They do thus a lot now. OP could be in that situation.

35 - That's not true for all workers. As an employee under contract, yes they would have to provide probable cause, but as he said if the worker is an "at will employee" they can be fired at any time. "At will employees" in the same light can quit for no reason without a two week notice.

Mearemoi 14

The FML originated from the original French site, so I'll just assume the FML takes place in France or something...

81, I believe that that's the default location when none is given on the FML.

#83 no, FMLs labeled as such are actual stories from the original FML website (which is french) translated by the mods so they can be enjoyed here too

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Actually in an at will state they can just fire you. Unless you work at a school or government , or union job . We normally just tell them it's not working out and we are terminating their employment

horrible boss's

No shit Sherlock

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Horrible grammar 's..!

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You should create a company, merge with them, and then fire him as soon as it's complete. It's the ultimate revenge.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

That would take years to accomplish... ...What're you waiting for OP? Get on it right away!

iammeorami 25

oooh that's for sure!

Wow! That sucks.

Yeah, it does! They should post it to this website called "FML"! Oh, wait...