By Anonymous - 27/05/2011 14:00 - Belgium

Today, I was walking home when a stranger came up to me and told me to give him a good reason why he shouldn't punch me in the face. I guess none were good enough. FML
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Should have told him that your head was full of unstable explosives and that by punching you he'd set them off killing you both.

The correct response was to punch him in the face


Should have told him that your head was full of unstable explosives and that by punching you he'd set them off killing you both.

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This FML reminds me of those movies where the killer has their victim trapped, and instead of coming up with something to good to say, they say something that will obviously piss off the killer like "Bitch, **** you."

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Actually, Bill Burr gives very good reasons why women should get punched more. but by other women of course.

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one of the more considerate muggers I've seen

mugger: give me a reason I shouldn't punch you in the face. OP: of that, sir, I have none. mugger: I see... fair enough! (mugger walks away)

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you shouldve said have said "cause i got yo money!!"

35 and the equality movement for women takes a step back... off a flight of stairs.

You should've said "if you do, a gay child will be born into a homophobic family in Africa" or "If you do you don't get any cookies from me"

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how about saying I will charge you with assault ?

#62 i like how yo made your comment a play....

wow 103 you should come talk some sense Ito my boyfriend. He thinks women were made to stay in the kitchen making men meals. ...I should prob dump him some time soon...

the best thing to say would have been "because if you do i'll slit your throat" problem solved.

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the correct response would be to just punch him in the face or kick him in the groin. admittedly i wouldnt because id be both surprised and panicked, resulting in a sort of stuttering confusion before being suckerpunched. but if you had your wits about you, attack first, ask questions later. the guy openly admitted he was going to physically hurt you, you can and should take it as a threat, as would the legal system.

I believe if someone hits you first with self defense you can hit them back. It's only abuse when you are doing it just to hurt someone instead of defending yourself against a crazy lady who is literally trying to kill you :P just saying :S

Or say "because if you did, I'd have to arrest you."

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Obviously OP stated reasons because it says that none seemed to be good enough, and if the person doing the punching cared about morals, he wouldn't have punched OP. But I understand it's hard to think way up there on your pedestal.

I can't explain why it's wrong to murder people, but that doesn't mean I'd ever do it. The best reasons I can come up with are that it's illegal, and also that the person you killed would be dead. Oh, and their family would be sad. But I can't come up with any others. Either way, my point is, not being able to properly explain why you shouldn't do something doesn't mean you're more inclined to do it, it could just mean you're bad at coming up with reasons, bad at explaining things, or maybe you were never specifically told why and therefore don't know.

What the **** are you talking about 2. Op's assailant wasn't looking for a philosophical or moral response, they were looking to punch someone and those "reasoned" answers wouldn't help much. However, usually, if you can make someone like that laugh, they'll change their mind, or make them fearful. Or nothing would've changed their mind.

pulling out a gun would change their mind.

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it's their thought not yours hypocritical idiots.

That's just weird... YDI for letting punch you.

That'll teach you for being a smartass with Chuck Norris... Did he punch you with his third fist?

why would you answer none in the first place?

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Assuming you might actually be a retard, he didn't literally answer "none". Moron.

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No she wasn't 61. She's just a dumbass.

I have never been called an abortion before... I think it was a lame attempt at humor and that in itself was funny so lay off but I don't think I will drop that abortion thing, it just gas so little logic I think my head might explode.

The correct response was to punch him in the face

oh yeah that guy was me. i was like, "hey how can i confuse the shit of a complete stranger? oh i know."

I guess you're not enough persuasive.

I guess you no enough learn English proper.

Sorry, I forgot I was writing my PHD thesis.

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Did this stranger attempt to get you soaked using his a car a few days ago?

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Why not just say something like 'it hurts' or 'because I know karate'? Anything is better then nothing

YDI. He even gave you notice and you still took it.