By notevencatnipworks
Today, as every day for the past three weeks, my girlfriend's cat kept us up from 3:30am crying nonstop. We've tried everything, and even exiled my well-behaved cat to keep him company. Now she cries because she feels she's being punished. Starting around 4am. FML
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They're really not though. I'm not sure why people think they are just big jerks. Domestic housecats are more closely related to their wild counterparts than domestic dogs are to theirs. They have such a strong natural instinct for survival that many times a housecat will become part of a feral colony (since cats actually are social animals) if left to their own resources. They can easily revert to wild living if they need to, and that of itself is pretty amazing. Since they have such an innate sense of predatory behavior, people need to appeal to that. Which means playtime. Cats are fun and deserve respect.

By  indienerdgirl  |  27

Maybe you need to spend more time with her. She might be feeling like she's not getting enough attention therefore waking you up to get you to pay attention to her. Try spending time with her before bed playing and snuggling and what not. That could help if you haven't tried it already.

Alright, OP here to clarify a few things. Both cats are fixed. The girlfriend's cat (Ollie) is male, I definitely said "he" when referring to her cat and "she" (Ellie) when referring to mine. We tried playing with him to tire him out, gave him catnip a few hours before bed to make him crash, spray him when he cries, whole nine. We figured out he's a lot younger than we initially thought and may not have been weaned from his mother properly, as he kneads on everything. He's a very sweet cat, we ended up investing in a pheromone diffuser to calm him and it's worked well. I have also since invested in ear plugs, so checkmate, Ollie!


A change in behavior can be caused be something medically going on. If this is new behavior, he should be seen by a vet to rule out medical illnesses. From there, you can treat it like it is behavioral.