By teardrops - 21/09/2010 08:50 - Australia

Today, I got punched in the face by a girl for asking if she was okay after I had seen her crying. FML
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he wasn't being a dick he was showing concern but the stupid irrational bitch punched him

don't worry op. karma will take care of it


he wasn't being a dick he was showing concern but the stupid irrational bitch punched him

rockstar.. there's this little thing called sarcasm. maybe you should google it m8.

be easy on rockstar...its hard to learn sarcasm from books :P

True that, 26. Especially interwebz sarcasm, where it's less sarcasm and more of a funny remark :P

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rockstar sounds like the kind of person who would punch you in the face for asking if he's alright

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face punch, Australian for "I just need some lone time" Fosters, Australian for beer.

lol almost everyone commenting here is from Australia =O and even Perth lmao. rockstar you're dumb like Sheldon from the big bang theory

ur the dick how would u liked to be punch idiot fker

i woulda asked chuck norris to round house that mofo

abusive woman!! you like the pain? mlolzee

how is "asking a girl if she is ok" being being a dick? stop being yourself because you come off as a bitch

#41 Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" isn't dumb-- quite the opposite, in fact. He is, however, not very adept at picking up on social cues and doesn't know how to act in social situations. His behavior, paired with his stunning intellect, suggests Asperger's.

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I'm pretty sure that was his point 104, and if you think about it, he could be considered dumb even if he is book smart.

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she was probly reeeeally upset haha

I like how people ask if ur ok after they see you in tears. it seems obvious to me


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I definitely got a dudely vibe from this

OP, you have now learned to not mess with girls when they are on their periods.

Sheldon is also waaaay hott. Just had to throw that out there. :)

he's not a dick? girls like when people ask what's wrong when there crying. she's being a b!tch about it because she had no reason to punch a guy in the face that cared.

I didn't know Asians played football.... #23

24- There is sarcasm, but there is also a dictionary to spell sensitive right.

don't worry op. karma will take care of it

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Are you sure it isn't karma already taking care of something else? Texas sucks btw, and yes, I live in TX.

Karma doesn't exist. Cute idea, but non-existent.

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I'm sorry but Texas is the best state

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ahhahaahahaha now we can all take a valuable lesson out of this... I don't know what it is.. but I'm sure there is one!

next time, put on some pants before you're going to comfort a girl

34 that made me lol ;-) unlucky OP. maybe she wasn't okay? :-P

Punch her back. Women need to know their place. Domestic abuse FTW

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You shouldn't have cheated on her and then try to be alll nicey-nice. YDI, you lying, two-faced rat bastard ******!

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First thing that cane to my mind.

wtf is all that bullshit!?! thats like facking 99% assumptions.. what made you think they were going out? derpppppp... maybe shes just a pmsing little bitch

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shoulda made her a sammich fool

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What's a "sammich fool"? Is that someone who makes lots of sammiches? If so, I want one!!

:0 are you the lady that posted the Fml earlier about having a manstache?! lol, just joking. & aw op, at least you have a sense of humor.

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thanks but you're a little young for me.

lol op is a pedo? o.O "hope ur all rite, here have a lollipop."

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I could see why she might be annoyed, but you didn't deserve to get punched in the face.

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You may think I'm yanking your chain, but I had a dream someone who looked like you punched me in the face.

Pendatik, your picture gave me a horrible case of the giggles. :)

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It's true, Pendatik. This was destined to happen.

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If it is purely for research, then by all means.

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