By Gitana - 22/04/2012 19:08 - Spain - Tafalla

Today, I was trying on some clothes in the store's changing room, when someone reached under the door and grabbed my purse, shoes, and pants. FML
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Charle0555 4

That will be a hard one to explain to the store manager

perdix 29

Someone stole your raccoons while you were trying on raccoons?


Hunthas 17

I feel your pain! The same thing happened to me but with raccoons :(

perdix 29

Someone stole your raccoons while you were trying on raccoons?

Ugh. I hate people like that. Can't they get their own freakin' raccoons?

pinkcrayola 0

Wow I thought I was the only one that happened to!

perdix 29

#56, why were you trying on clothes in a store's raccoon?

perdix 29

#86, oh, you are such a n00b! Everyone who knows anything that the mirrors inside store raccoons are "fat mirrors" that add 20-30 lbs. Once you fight to get inside the angry procyonid, it sucks to feel shitty about yourself because of an optical illusion.

pinkcrayola 0

If I didn't change in a raccoon, where would I change?

93- Ask Obama, that homeboy knows all about change.

perdix 29

#93, most of your better establishments have a changing beaver. Changing beavers have skinny mirrors in them, because they give a "dam" about how you look. Next time you go to a clothing store, ask the saleslady if you can enter her beaver.

808Boyo 4

I don't know why people think this perdix guy is funny. I feel dumber after reading his comments.

Different people have different senses of humour. It's not like any one person is the definitive authority on what's funny and what isn't.

Link5794 18

104, you wear a hat backwards 2/3 off of your head. You should feel dumb all the time.

I know, I was like what the ****? too but then I saw that the poster is from Spain and was like oh I see now.

I bet OP got her pants stolen so she is forced to buy new pants from the store. Smart business mentality.

Those damn raccoons all they do is steel baby raccoons right out from under you raccoon made coat that another raccoon stole

Charle0555 4

That will be a hard one to explain to the store manager

I think the issue will speak for itself, actually.

KM96 24

They couldn't buy the clothes anyway because their purse is stolen :P

Its actually more genious of the theif because OP is unable to chase them down because she doesnt have pants on if she wont leave without pants and wont leave with the store's on because she will be stopped. Thusly, the theif makes a clean gettaway because the victem cannot pursue.

KM96 24

True 113 - I dont think anyone would wish to chase the thief down half naked ! Or get chased after by an angry store manager thinking you stole their pants!

I would have chased after them in my underwear. But that could be my guy thinking at work here.

Maybe she was wearing granny-pants and thought if

Maybe she was wearing granny-pants, I mean it's embarrassing enough to chase someone while wearing Victoria secrect stuff let alone granny-pants, so she thought staying put will be a better option for her and her dignity :)

tehaustiebear 34

120- Next time you get your purse stolen, I'd like to see that.

Yeah. You'd think they would make an FML about it or something.

Because he wants to see how many times he can get thumbed down, of course.

Well no shit Sherlock! Of course it sucks!!!!!

Strange that they stole your pants and shoes.. what could they need with those?

Probably to fulfill their fantasies. IYKWIM

It could b to stop op coming after him (or her)

It's like when you mug someone in the street and switch clothes with them. Throws the enemy agents off.

Because OP lives in Spain which this type of crime has been currently in the rise for there economic downturn. This why most of Europe is in the shit hole right now there type of welfare state for no taxes and so many people on pensions.

If she had expensive shoes, it's understandable. My ex-girlfriend got mugged a couple months ago in New York and they took her Uggs. She was heartbroken being stuck barefoot in NYC lol.

61 - Try as I might, I still do not understand what you are trying to say in the second half of your comment.

Or he was just a jerk simply trying to screw someone over because honestly, how is anyone able to walk out of a dressing room and into a public store barefoot and in their underwear??

fmlluver1415 6

I would still try to get my wallet I mean you could still catch up to them before they get out of the fitting room.

SWell, if OP was trying on pants as well, they could walk out with them on, but like, pull off the tag with the barcode and ask them to scan it there, because your pants were stolen?

Ouch. Fyl. But how didn't you notice?

connerwonner 7

OP noticed it. That's why she is complaining about it.

OP did notice it. she couldn't sprint out after the theif barefoot and pantless.

I sure as hell would burst out and stop the person stealing my stuff, I mean who just watches someone steal their things? I concluded the op didn't notice her stuff bring stolen...b/c who is that stupid not to stop the thief?

It could be worse. They could've taken your dignity or something. Or your shirt too.

So you think OP wouldn't put up a fight while they "take her dignity" or remove her shirt? genius

I think thy did take her dignity. she's walking around a store pant-less

Yea, I was gonna say; Pretty sure her dignity would be stolen too once she left the change room half naked.

I guess my sarcasm's hard to pick up via just text.

Instead of stealing from the shop, they steal from you, IN the shop! It's genius!

There are camera's in the store find out who did it.

carmenm 6

So the cameras in the changing room of the Target near my house aren't supposed to be there? shit!

The thief wasn't IN the change room, they were standing outside it

Not in the changerooms that would be creepy

No, but there are cameras outside of the changing room, she can see who has her purse. Or even see who came in the changing room after her. Maybe only like 2 people did.

I'm sure whoever it was would be long gone by the time they'd look at the video.

yeah, but you can get a look at their face, and give a description to the police. and then let them do their job and catch the thief.

Meaning she will never get her stuff back

the7thchild 6

@10 Don't make up acronyms nobody understands.

linkinpark98 23

It means "If You Know What I Mean." I have never seen that acronym ever, and figured it out on the first try. :P

I thought it meant "I yell 'KILL' when I **********."

kshafer08 7

Glad I'm not the only one who yells that...