By Damn - 05/06/2012 19:36 - Canada - Saint Catharines

Today, I was trying to take my shirt off. It was an awkward fit, so I had to basically wrestle it for five minutes. The kicker was that I was giving my boyfriend a striptease. He laughed so hard and for so long that we never had sex. FML
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Rei_Ayanami 18

Sometimes a funny memory is better than sex.

Ahh... Laughter truly is the best birth control!


Rei_Ayanami 18

Sometimes a funny memory is better than sex.

Aren't you supposed to practice before a striptease..? Obviously it would have helped in op's situation.

23 - she probably did practice. But the shirt decided it won't happen that night

A girl that can laugh at herself is even sexier.

Something to look back on and laugh about :)

aaahhhfire21 0

He couldn't have given u a hand when he saw it wasn't comin off?

aaahhhfire21 0

Some ppl saying laughter is better then sex.... Well how bout laughter then sex... U can have ur cake and eat her too

wlddog 14

That sounds like a great strip tease to me. You can always get a strip tease but you can't always make a hilarious moment.

@1 Agreed. One time I got a massive leg cramp during sex and according to my ex I did the funniest movements shes ever seen and it cracked her up whenever she thought of it. Good times.

Well better luck next time... Or just wear a different shirt...

You'd assume that if a shirt can be put on normally, it can be vice versa...

She never said it could be put on easily.

Really?? I am sorry!! I don't mean to come off that way....

I wonder if OP means by awkward fit her boobs were to big for the shirt.

FMLshark 12

66, I'm sure that's what you're hoping for.

Its the little things in life that make precious moments

Plus, op, you got to make your boyfriend laugh a lot! He probably loves you for it!

Ahh... Laughter truly is the best birth control!

Ya it is, but that would be funny Op .

4- I hear that! Last night when I got naked my girlfriend just looked down and started laughing. Bitch didn't get laid that night.

hwkfan1 10

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Laughgasms are just as orgasms. But it's easier to get someone to laugh.

Dont know why he is laughing no sex for him

xactownife 7

He's laughing because that's hilarious and some people care about more than just sex.

I knew somebody would post a comment like this. He laughed because it was funny. When something is funny people laugh. Get over It.

I think it's sweet :L even in an odd situation like this the fact that you can have a laugh together is cute ;)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

That's what I was thinking! This will be something they can look back on and laugh at in the coming years of their relationship. :)

I think part of the FML here is that there was a lack of coming.

An awkward fit, or just too small? Next time, wear clothes that actually fit you.

some clothes are the right size and fit just fine but it has seams in awkward places and stuff. so stop jumping to conclusions

calm down & don't get your panties in a knot.....OP, this is actually a cute story/memory

Better yet, wear a size larger. Then you're less likely to have this problem.

Don't be mad. Laugh as yourself too. If that happened to me I would be.