By Anonymous - / Thursday 1 August 2013 22:29 / Mexico - Mexico
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Or just make sure you practice a few times in front of a mirror before trying it again. You should have probably done that before but now you know you need too since you're a little clumsy. I'm clumsy too and I probably would've practiced a bit too before I tried something new like that. Good luck next time OP and let us know how it went! Hopefully you don't put yourself into the hospital. Lol

  buddy51  |  23

If it's going to equal the relaxation OP felt in this experience, she'll have to slip under water sensually, begin to give him underwater head, aspirate, nearly drown and have to get nude CPR by hubby.... In other words, OP is a somewhat clumsy oaf and might want to stick with missionary until she can do that without slipping a disk...

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

This will definitely be something they'll laugh about the next day. Maybe next time let your husband take your panties off? I personally love undressing my partners. Perfect way to heat things up, especially if you use your mouth to do it.


Yea probably not. Why would OP keep reminding him that while trying to be a sexy vixen, she tripped and fell almost dislocating her shoulder and embarrassing herself in the process? I think not. I'm sure she'll never bring it up again. He on the other hand may bring it up time to time for a good laugh but if he ever wants her to try it again, he should probably keep his mouth shut.