By DuChaillu - 27/01/2010 07:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided to perform a strip tease for me. As he was stripping out of his clothes, he took his shirt and then pants off first. He was wearing zebra striped knee high socks and underwear. I burst out laughing. He left. FML
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At least he matched.

Guys wear knee socks?


are you trying to say something about zebra lingerie and/or knee socks?

lmao that sounds kinda not attractive nohomo.

Lol, zebra knee socks have the word "sexy" written all over them .... not really, but ok... lmao XD

too bad the girl who was tied up with jizz on her face didnt have that on..

yea is it that he was weatring it? or was it that he left lol

thats not very nice to laugh at him.

looks like he got caught in the dreaded sock gap. he really should have known better.

the sock gap theory is alive and well

Guys wear knee socks?

Sexy ones.

I do. I want rainbow ones.

anyting knee high on guys or girls is just not sexy. same deal with socks

i disagree sir. my girlfriends police uniform consists of kneehigh leather stillettos.

Sorry to break it to you..your girlfriends might be a prostitute..just saying

or it was a sexual roleplay scenario.

I like it when guys wear knee socks honestly…

How exactly does the fact that someone enjoys dressing up in a cop uniform make them a prostitute? You must be pretty vanilla in bed if that's all it takes for you to consider someone a prostitute.

haha your next talk will be awkard

At least he matched.

hahahahahaha true dat

at least I'm not the only one :p lol

Insensitive much? YDI And YD to be dumped.

ur a biotch boys are insensitive too gosh yd to get piimp slappedd

learn to spell properly


what a bitchy comment! matching zebra striped underwear is hilarious! i dare anyone to keep a straight face on.

rofl @ #8 ur obviously an undercover fag too.